Thursday, March 15, 2012

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Changes To Sony S-Log Pricing For The PMW-F3 | Michael Murie | Filmmaker
I wrote a piece for Filmmaker on the iterations of S-Log on the PMW-F3:
A month later, and now they have changed things again. Sony has introduced two new models of the PMW-F3, the PMW-F3K/RGB and PMW-F3L/RGB, which replace the current models and come with S-Log already installed. They are also now offering the original S-Log upgrade on an SxS card for $899. The rebate for those that already paid full price continues.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | TJ Donegan | Digital Camera Info
Reviews of the camera are already up(!) though it doesn't go much into video:
In truth, the Mark III is not a revolutionary camera, but more a refinement of an already successful formula; it’s the combination of some of the advancements put into the flagship Canon 1D X along with a great deal of features first seen in the prosumer Canon 7D. There are plenty of things the 1D X has that didn’t make the step down (the 100k-pixel metering sensor, for example), but we’re betting the 5D Mark III’s sub-$3500 price is going to fit into far more budgets than the $6800 1D X.

The Megapixels are Coming [CR1] | CanonRumors
More rumors about future cameras:
Some have suggested the upcoming 4K DSLR will be the high megapixel camera. I don’t believe that to be true, as the high megapixel count is definitely a request of the photographic community, and paying for high end video features is probably not something that would make the segment too happy.

Set of Canon C300 Custom Profiles for Download | Alister Chapman | XDCAM User
Alister has put together some custom profiles for the C300. You have to register with the forum to download them
I’ve been playing and have come up with my first set of custom profiles for the Canon C300. You’ll find all the details here: including a downloadable package that you can copy to an SD card and the load the files directly to your own C300.

Mozilla considers H.264 video support after Google's WebM fails to gain traction
| Daniel Eran Dilger | AppleInsider
Last year Google came out with WebM in an attempt to kill H.264's royalty payment's. So far, it doesn't seem to have worked:
Mozilla's director of research Andreas Gal has proposed enabling mobile H.264 video decoding via hardware or the underlying operating system, signaling the end to the group's war on the Apple-led H.264 video codec.

The move is necessitated by the overall lack of support for Google's WebM video codec, which Mozilla and Google hoped would replace H.264, the technology backed by Apple, Microsoft, Nokia and other commercial vendors.

Sony SLT A57 Hands-on Preview | Richard Butler and Lars Rehm
| Digital Photography Review
Sony's $699.99 SLT-A57 does 60p 1080 HD, why can't Canon!!
The A57 can still shoot at 10 frames per second (or 12fps in an 8.4MP cropped mode), but it gains the ability to shoot 1080p video at 60 or 24 fps (50 or 25 on European models) and the high-contrast edge enhancing 'peaking' mode for manual focusing in video and with non-AF lenses.

Q&A: Lighting Multiple People with Glasses | Strobist
Eye glasses can be a real problem with lights; best advice: have your talent take them off! This article is about lighting for stills with strobes, but the same theory applies to video:
He is facing camera left, the key light is on camera right. No reflections at all. If I had lit him from camera left, there would be reflections. And to lose them, I would have had to walk that light so far up, or further to the left, he would have started to look bad long before I had clean glasses.

Interview with Elle Schneider of Digital Bolex | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
More on that Digital Bolex. Another interview with the developers:
Elle: The prototype has been in development for one year. Joe worked on the project for a little over a year before he brought me on board. He originally wanted to do a much more stripped down Digital 16mm camera, no internal battery, no screen, no image out… I talked some sense into him! I think that a true D16 is a great idea, but unfortunately there’s no running from the conveniences that we’ve all become accustomed to while shooting digitally.
10 ways to look at the Digital Bolex 16mm raw digital cinema camera | Comments | EOSHD
Though it appears they are actually using another camera for their videos:
sorry guys but there is no dbolex prototype ...
their promo video was shoot on prosilica gx2300 machine vision camera...
Episode 65: The End Of 16MM? | Digital Convergence Podcast
And it even became the topic of conversation on this podcast:
The Digital Convergence panel launches into a discussion on the sunsetting of 16mm movie cameras in film school as reported to us by a listener of the podcast. Talk about convergence timing... planetMitch reports on the latest Kickstarter sensation, the Digital Bolex 2K Raw video camera. Is this camera too good to be true?

Is Final Cut Pro X going to do to video what Gutenberg did with printing?
| El Bibliomata & Matt Neale | FCP.Co
- No.
Makes the argument that the transition to web distribution will be the equivalent of the Gutenberg press. I'm not sure I buy it: it's the computer that's been the driver here, not one piece of software:
Apple have the Editor, designed to take advantage of the digital workflow, they have a distribution network for all types of content and they have devices to consume this and it all works very smoothly. They are not the only ones and have competitors in each of these markets but the lines are drawn and the game is about to start - So who’s ready.

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