Sunday, March 11, 2012

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BOSCPUG Visual Storytellers: Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Color Grading "Hustle"
The next meeting of the Boston Creative Pro Users Group is Wednesday, March 28, and will have an interesting couple of topics for those interested in the 5D Mark III and the C300:
Join Carl Peer of Canon U.S.A. for an interactive, hands-on talk about the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR and trends in Canon EOS filmmaking. We will have the camera on hand to touch and try as well - plus a perfect opportunity to get your Canon EOS DSLR questions answered!
Join Colorist Rob Bessette of Finish Post and some of the filmmakers involved for a lively talk on making 'HUSTLE", an impromptu camera test turned short using the new Canon Cinema EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera.

How To Become A Cinematographer | Tom
This is mostly a directory of terms:
If working through a set of visual puzzles that result in unforgettable images is something you’d like to spend your life pursuing, then cinematography might be the career for you.
Everything that ends up on film passes through the educated eye of the director of photography. We at #TeamTC kept that in mind as we put together this informative starter’s kit for aspiring cinematographers. So read on and find out if you have what it takes to create images that will inspire and astound.

Back To The Basics | Stewart Redwine | FreshDV
Director Stewart Redwine wrote this introduction to production:
Slow is Smooth, and Smooth is Fast
I was talking with John about the idea for this article and he made an excellent observation. It is easy to give yourself time to script and even time to edit, but it’s difficult to make time on set. Unfortunately, when time is cut short on set, the story suffers. If we provide ourselves time to write and edit, in order to refine our story, we also need to make time on set for the same refining process to occur.

Irudis Releases FREE Download of Tonalizer|VFX LITE | Digital Production Buzz
A free plug-in for Final Cut Pro (7 & X) and Motion 4&5:
Tonalizer|VFX LITE is a tonality enhancement- and fine-tuning tool. Tonalizer|VFX LITE differs from to the conventional category of color grading tools that assists in establishing a certain desired creative style, look or mood to the footage.
Tonalizer|VFX LITE is a FREE feature reduced version of Tonalizer|VFX PRO. Tonalizer|VFX LITE includes the following features: Brightness; Midtones; Contrast; Shadow Boost; Highlights; Details; Chroma; Mix.

NEW TUTORIAL – Captain America Shield | Eran Stern |
A tutorial for After Effects:
In this video tutorial I’ll show you how to create the shield inspired by the movie Captain America without leaving After Effects. The project is based on plug-ins created by Mettle and includes two compositions, one which uses FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE and the other based on the bundled FreeForm plug-in which is included with After Effects from version CS5.

Revealed: Metabones EF Sony E-Mount adapter optically defective | Andrew Reid
It seems that this Canon EF to E-mount adapter isn't that great afterall:
When a light source is off the edge of the frame be it left, right top or bottom you get a ghostly reflective image of it at the edge of the frame. It is a very common occurrence, even a 40 watt desk light or LCD display is enough to trigger the deadly reflective glow.

Head, Ribs and Hips part 1 | Mark Kennedy | Temple of the Seven Golden Camels
This site is devoted to storyboarding tips and how-to:
When we think about the expressiveness of the human body it seems like the further out from the torso the extremity is, the more flexible and expressive it is (shoulders seem pretty expressive, hands even more so). We don't always think of the rib cage and pelvis (otherwise known as the hips) as contributing to great expressions, but the relationship between the head, ribs and hips tell us a lot about a person and can have a big part in telling us the age and health of the person and what their mental state is at that moment.

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