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Sony Professional - NEX-FS100 In Depth: Introduction | Sony Professional | Vimeo
Sony Europe is putting together a series on the NEX-FS100, this is the next part:
For more videos from the NEX-FS100 In Depth series, visit: NXCAM & AVCHD Guides

The NEX-FS100 in-depth videos, created and produced by one of Sony's Independent Certified Exerts , Matt Davis, give a unique preview from a specialist's perspective.

This first video introduces the key features of the NEX-FS100. Other videos in the series will cover key subjects such as: kit lenses, depth of field, bending time, picture profiles and downloading video.

Canon Cinema EOS C300 Custom Picture settings | Kevin Ritchie | Vimeo
Picture Profile tests for the Canon C300:
This video shows examples of the 3 preset Canon C300 Custom Picture profiles: Off, EOS Std, and Cinema.

In additional I have shot each of the available Gamma and Color Matrix settings to show how they effect the image. The Custom Picture settings in the C300 are extremely detailed and this video shows 2 of the more major adjustments that can be made to the image.

I have included both waveform and vectorscopes on the images to show how each setting effects gamma and color.

Canon LUTs for the Canon C300 | Canon
Canon has made available LUTs for the C300 for download:
Canon Log LUT (look-up table) For Gamma, Canon Log10 to Cineon10 LUT Version 1.0
Canon Log LUT (look-up table) For Gamma, Canon Log10 to REC709 LUT Version 1.0
Canon Log LUT (look-up table) For Gamma, Canon Log10 to Video LUT Version 1.0

Video Contest: Why I Love My Shuttle! | Contour Design Shuttle Newsletter
Like the Contour Shuttle? Enter to win an iPad 2 and other prizes!
1. Create a short video (60 seconds or less) that demonstrates why you love your Shuttle device. Be as creative as you wish, but show your love!

The deadline for entries is April 30, 2012. We will review all of the submissions and pick our 5 favorites. You will then have the opportunity to vote for the submission you like best. Voting will close on May 31, 2012.

Do-it-Yourself Acoustical Treatment: How to build a gobo and why would you want to? | Tim Dittmar | Audio Undone
In this excerpt from Audio Engineering 101: A Beginner's Guide to Music Production, learn how to make a Gobo:
A go-between, also known as a gobo, is a great mobile way to control sound. It can be used to help isolate an instrument or lessen the reflections and reverberation of a space. I often place a gobo in front of an amplifier or kick drum to isolate and absorb the sound. Gobos are also effective if placed around a drum kit, especially if they are being played in a “live” space such as a kitchen or on a tiled floor. This will tighten up the sound and minimize reflections.

Is 3D the future? - A brief look at the new Panasonic HDC-Z10000 | Daniel Freytag | Blog
At $3,325 the HDC-Z1000 gives you 3D in a 2D priced camcorder:
The first thing which amazed me was the great monitor. As I staid steady it created a real 3D image in my brain. But you need to stay really still! As I moved a step to the side, the 3D picture in my mind was gone. So on the one side the monitor shows how far the development already went, but it also shows, that all this 3D stuff is not yet that well-engineered for everyday use.

Video Editing on the iPad: How does Avid Studio Stack up to iMovie?
| Ashley Kennedy | Premiumbeat
A feature comparison table of the two iPad editing apps:
As you can see, Avid Studio emerges as the clear winner across multiple categories—beating iMovie on its own Apple-laden turf. If you’re interested in trying it out, make sure to get it within the next few weeks, as the price is slated to increase to $7.99 soon.

Managing Media in Final Cut Pro X | Larry Jordan | Peachpit
An excerpt from Larry's book: Final Cut Pro X: Making the Transition
Here’s the one rule you need to remember: Always either create a disk image of your camera card or copy the entire contents of your camera card to a folder on your hard disk. My recommendation is to create a folder and copy your card into that folder.

Acting: 101 | Vimeo Video School
The Vimeo film school continues with an acting lesson; watch the short video and read the article as well:
To build your character, look at the situation they’re in and what they are planning to do. Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you react? If you haven’t had a similar experience, use your imagination and conjure up some feelings. Take these emotions into account when reciting the lines.

iBook Creatives | website
Interested in using Apple's iBook Author? You might want to check out this website for tips and info.

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