Sunday, February 26, 2012

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C300 and F3 Grading Tests | Alister Chapman | XDCM-User
Another in a series of comparisons between the C300 and PMW-F3. It is increasingly clear that if you're recording to memory cards, the C300 comes out slightly on top, but if you use an external recorder that can take advantage of the F3's 10-bit output, then the F3 beats the C300. If only the C300 had 10-bit output:
Well both the cameras grade well, even the 35Mb/s 4:2:0 of the F3 holds up OK. The C300 50Mb/s 422 comes out a little cleaner than the F3 35Mb/s 420 after grading. The F3 recording to the Samurai at 10 bit ProRes HQ is cleaner than the C300 50Mb/s 422 after grading.

Testing the Canon WFT-E6 Wi-Fi dongle with the C300 | Philip Jonhston
| HD Warrior
Philip got a loan of the Wi-Fi dongle for the Canon C300 (they aren't shipping yet.) He reports that it can be used to focus some lenses on the C300, and that it can operate as a WiFi hotspot (though he doesn't know how yet!):
The thing I love about the software is the ability to change any of the settings using the iPads touch screen, all the useful parts of the C300 at your finger tips, its like having a remote CCU (Camera control unit).
Remember this dongle is primarily used with the likes of the new Canon 1Dx DSLR and the focus function seen above does not work with the C300…OR DOES IT !

Canon C300: Best Practices | Cinema EOS User Forum
A PDF detailing Canon's recommended steps when shooting on the C300, though I'm not too sure who actually put this together - I don't think it was Canon:
Powering the camera:
Canon recommends that Canon batteries be used to power the camera. The BP-­‐955 battery pack comes with the camera. Here is a list of compatible batteries:

BP-950G, BP-955, BP-970G, BP-975

With the BP970G and BP-975 batteries, the battery door will not close
The battery door is removable: (page 169 of the instruction manual)

Short Film Shoot: Desecration | Scattered Images Film Production
Interesting post about the adventures of shooting a movie over three-days:
When I sit down to watch low budget indie films it’s the acting and sound that let me down. However, on this production we were blessed to have such talented actors and a great sound team involved. By the way I don’t believe you can make high quality zero budget films-but that’s just my own opinion and another blog article altogether The script could be potentially strong but if you haven’t got the skilled crew in place or professional actors on board then the audience will inevitably pick up on that and take the focus away from the writing and subsequently the story.

5 Things I Hate About You… | John Brawley | Blog
DP John Brawley on the things he dislikes about the ARRI Alexa (though he likes the camera):
2. Controls for the operator are on the dumb side…recording media on the operator side?
Alexa is a drama camera, not an ENG camera. I don’t understand the logic of having the card slots for this camera on the operators side….well actually on your right cheek ! I mean if the camera purred the way an Arricam did when you ran it with film I’d happily nuzzle my ear next to the card slot and listen to those bytes being recorded as a final check that the loader had laced the digital magazine properly.

*UPDATE* The Next 5D on March 2, 2012 [CR3] | CanonRumors
Now the date for the - rumored - Canon 5D Mark III announcement moves to March 2?!

The City of Samba | Jarbas Agnelli | Vimeo
This Tilt-Shift timelapse of Rio de Janeiro and the Carnaval party is quite amazing. The first half is interesting (the helicopter rescue is quite something) but the parade in the last half is just amazing. The timelapse makes it look like some fantastic stop-motion animated production!

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