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Canon 5D Mark III more news

A round-up of coverage on the 5D Mark III from around the web:

The long awaited Canon 5D mkIII…is it what we were hoping for? | Philip Bloom
| Blog
The mkiii has been desperately needed by many, including me. Why? The full frame aesthetic is so unique and still has a very clear place for me as a filmmaker. I own and adore my C300 but really want a full frame Canon DSLR for all my lenses that has next to no image issues and has a wickedly sharp image! Of course it is also much smaller and is perfect for my timelapse.

Canon Launch 5D MKIII – Headphone Jack, ALL-I Recording And Better Controls
| Dan Chung | DSLR News Shooter
Headphone monitoring is a big deal on this camera and it is the first time this has been seen on a Canon DSLR – even the EOS-1D X does not have a headphone socket. For news video and documentaries this means the 5DmkIII is a much better choice than the more expensive flagship model. Other audio features are the same as the 1D X and they include adjustment of audio level while recording and on screen level meters.

Canon 5D MKIII – my thoughts | Vincent Laforet | Blog
4. I thought that the Canon C300 was a bigger leap forward – and therefore chose to throw my hat in the ring to shoot "Mobius" just a few months ago for the Hollywood launch of Canon’s Cinema EOS line at Paramount in Hollywood. Canon’s move into the cinema market was a much bigger development in my book – pretty spectacular given how quickly it happened, following the MKII’s launch a few years earlier. The C300 is in effect the Canon 5D MKII all grown up – but a pure video camera (not a still camera.)

Why I Bought a 5D Mark III | Stu Maschwitz | Prolost
Speaking of shooting stills, I’m thrilled at the restraint that Canon showed in the 5D Mark III’s megapixel count. It’s barely bumped from the Mark II, meaning that all the advancements in sensor tech translate directly into reduced noise.

Canon 5D Mark III Official. The comprehensive EOSHD guide | Andrew Reid
$3500 compares favourably to the cheaper Nikon D800 because you are getting far better video quality. It also compares favourably to the $5000 Sony FS100 because you are getting a full frame sensor and a much more compact, ergonomic body for less money – and that camera is considered a bargain in pro terms any way.

5D Mark III round-up | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
HDMI is 1080p
There’s no drop in resolution or interruption when hitting record, but overlays cannot be completely turned off. This doesn’t matter since the internal recording format is so good, you won’t need to use an external recorder.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III hands on – What isn’t in the Canon press release! | Planet5D
Available light exposure meter 63 zone dual zone – same as 7D
Added in Chromatic Aberration correction in stills (jpeg) and video – can tag the data into the raw file, but you handle it in post processing.
New beefier shutter to handle the new 6fps shooting. There’s also silent mode like the Canon EOS-1D X.

New HD video features in the EOS 5D Mark III | Rudy Winston | Canon
While the previous EOS 5D Mark II was renowned for its exceptional video image quality – especially at low light levels – Canon's engineers have not rested. A totally new, full-frame CMOS imaging sensor is used in the Mark III model. And this sensor was designed from the ground-up to provide superior HD video image quality, with noticeable improvements in control of moire and false colors.

Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800 for video | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
All the signs point to the 5D Mark III’s image quality being spectacular. Because of the high bitrates and i-frame codec compression won’t be a problem like it has been with so many DSLRs. That takes the pressure of expectations off the 5D’s HDMI output being any good. If it is good enough for monitoring that is all that matters. You won’t need to record it externally because the internal codec is so good.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III: First impressions | Angela Nicholson | Tech Radar
One difference between the EOS-1DX and the 5DMKIII is the sensor, the 5D has a higher pixel count with 22.3 million pixels. It also has just one Digic 5+ processor rather than two, which in combination with its 8 channel readout means that it has top continuous shooting speed of 6fps.

The Canon 5D Mark III - Here Comes The (R)Evolution | Digital Film.TV
Despite the larger file sizes produced when filmming with ALL-I, the improved quality may be worth it. That should make CF and SD card manufacturers happy as I will have to buy more of them! The bit rate of 24fps at 1080p in ALL-I mode is 685 MB/min according to Canon. That's a funny way of say 11 MBps. Anyhow, that means a 8 GB CF or SD card holds about 11 minutes of video. With IPB you can put 32 minutes of video on an 8 GB card.

Canon Three | Sam Morgan Moore | DSLR4Real
One of my dreams is to go for a hike, maybe up a mountain, and make a little film and take some stills too. For this one needs to be able to take some pictures, record and monitor some sound, and do some filming. That little headphone jack makes this a possible dream

Canon EOS 5D Mark III low-light ISO series samples | DPReview
At a colour temperature of about 3000K and low light intensity (approx 3 EV), these images are also neutrally white-balanced. This requires extreme amplification of the blue channel (and to a lesser extent the green) relative to the red, accentuating any noise or banding that might be introduced by the camera. This should therefore be considered close to the worst-case scenario - under many situations you'll see less noise at high ISOs, for example when shooting indoors in daylight.

The 5D Mark III – From the Inside | CanonRumors
Below are a bunch of images of some of the components that make up the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The magnesium allow body, all the way to the AE module. There’s a few interesting things to see if you’re into the technical end of cameras.

The Canon 5D Mark III Has Arrived | Bruce Dorn | IDC Photo Video
Yes, I have had this camera in my hot little hands and its very, very nice. They gave us a proper little 3.5mm headphone jack (at last!) so the audio features of the Mark III are greatly improved. I'll let you read more in the official press release but I'm very pleased with this logical evolution of the Canon 5D line. And don't worry, the 5D Mark II is gonna stick around for the foreseeable future too.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III launches in March for $3,499: all-new sensor, faster CPU, improved video (hands-on preview) | Nathan Ingraham | The Verge
All these new features come at a cost, though — the camera will launch at the end of March for $3,499 for the body only, or $4,299 with Canon’s EF 24-105mm F/4 L lens. That's significantly more than the Mark II, which will stay on sale and get an additional price cut next week. We got to spend some time with Canon's latest and check out its new features — read on to find our first impressions of the 5D Mark III.

Canon EOS 5D MARK III Review | Jeff Ascough | Blog
The body is much more solid than the 5D Mark II. It is slightly more chunky in the hand and has a new ‘grippier’ material covering it. If you were blindfolded with this camera in your hands, you would think this was a 1 series without the battery grip - it is that solid. There is a marginal increase in body weight, but that is to be expected. It is still small and lightweight and I found that even after walking around for several hours at a time I didn’t ever think the camera was heavy.

Going behind the scenes with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Park Cameras | YouTube
Go behind the scenes with photographer / cameraman Richard Walch as he shoots a movie using the brand new Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

This short demonstration details some of the new innovative features that should enable you redefine your photography.

5D MARK III is here – Did they get it right this time? | Sebastian | Cinema5D
It's good old H.264, but compression choices are ALL-I intraframe or IPB interframe (every frame stands for itself. Great for editing) with embedded FreeRun or RecRun timecodes. This is extremely nice. Can it by synced externally? It seems so: "SMPTE timecode support provides greater editing flexibility and easier integration into multi-camera shoots."

Canon Announces the EOS 5D Mark III | Jennifer O'Rourke | VideoMaker
With the pro shooter in mind, features like SMPTE timecode, Rec Run and Free Run (meaning you can synchronize cameras to start at zero and run continuous, or have them record actual time, which is great for multicam shooting and when recording audio on separate devices.) Features improved from the 5D Mark II include a reduction in moiré and color artifacts found on shots with horizontal lines and improvement in the HD quality. Also improving on the Mark II will allow users up to 29-minute continuous recording time.

EOS 5D Mark III | Canon
Specifications page:
Digital, AF/AE single-lens reflex, camera
Recording Media
CF Cards (Type I); Compatible with UDMA CF cards; SD, SDHC, and SDXC Memory Cards
Image Format
Approx. 36 mm x 24mm (35mm Full-frame)
Sample Video

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