Saturday, March 03, 2012

Canon 5D Mark III hits Twitter

The 5D Mark III lit up the web yesterday, here's some of the best Twitterverse comments:

I'm underwhelmed by the 5D Mark III's video capability. More impressive is the drop in the Mark II price.
Danfung Dennis @Danfung

Best thing about the 5DmKIII - LPE6 batteries, no need to buy a load of new ones - I laud Canon for that
Dan Chung @DSLRinformer

All three of the Canon 5D Mark III videos demonstrate two undeniable facts: • Dramatic reduction in moiré • Canon needs @vincentlaforet

A Prolost comment points out that the 5D Mark III's sensor res is exactly 3x 1080p, which bodes well for better video:…
Stu Maschwitz @5tu

So the 5D3 is exactly what I said it would be: a mini version of the 1DX. Reduced aliasing, moire (not gone), better stills.
Paul Antico @AnticipateMedia

Viewfinder magnification 5DMk3 vs D800. 0.71x vs 0.70x. Is that a game of Japanese one-upmanship if ever I saw one!?

5D Mk 3 ISO 1600 looks like ISO 100 on current DSLRs. Beat that film. Going have to add that lovely fine grain in post from now on

Judging from 5D Mark III video file sizes in ALL-I, bitrate is 78Mbit
Andrew Reid @EOSHD

@EOSHD Canson USA official spec indicates that it's 91Mbit, see
685MB/min = approx. 11.4MB/s, multiply by 8 = approx. 91Mbit/s.
Marvin @marvinhello

5d3 looks cool. May be a great B cam or specialty cam. But my #fs100 will still stay as my main cam for now. Its a workhorse.
kevinkeiser @kevinkeiser

I'd throw in "If Canon didn't want to give 1080p60, why there isn't at least 48p?? It would be awesome for filming! " :)
HD Cam Team @HDCamTeam

$3499? I think I'll save for the c300. mmmK? Thanks anyway Canon.
Nathaniel Hansen @nathanielhansen

Transitioning from DSLR A-cam to more pro cams but will purchase 5D3 for B-cam & apparently, stills :)
エリック Diosay @EricDiosay

After reading the 5D MkIII specs, I'm still loving my 7D.
AleLo @AleLoPR

Don't be mad about the $1,000 price increase of the 5D3. It puts it just out of your clients' do-it-themselves price range.
Anton Seim @APSeim

Interestingly no-one's really talked about the real application of the 5D, as the best b-cam the world has ever seen
DJ Skeez @stenderz

Reading reviews of the mkiii and think its really funny that people are mad that it won't compete with the c300...why would they do that?
Dan Duncan @dandunc

To be expecting what the c300 does is crazy. No way Canon would jeopardize those sales!
Philip Bloom @PhilipBloom

I wonder if the new 5D markIII means I'll see a uptick in the composition and quality of images coming into edit? I kinda doubt it.
Scott Simmons @editblog

The Canon 5D Mark III will make life a bit easier for your editor, VFX artist, & DP but won't make you a better filmmaker!
TheMissingReel @TheMissingReel

Brilliant but the 5DMkIII like the C300 has been overpriced and it will cost Canon sales up against Nikon/Sony
Rodney Charters @rodneykiwi

5D3 could well go down as a gamechanger in the sense that's its the first major release in memory not being described as a gamechanger
Glen Ryan @PolvoPolvo

The only reason for me to get a Mark III would be if there was no more moiré and aliasing issues- had to bin too many great shots last year
Marty Stalker @ScatteredImages

Nikon D4 is the camera I am most curious about right now
Philip Bloom @PhilipBloom

What's that I hear? 4K EOS cinema DSLR that kicks everything else's ass? Blogs need rumours, let's go!
DJ Skeez @stenderz

I may sell my 5D Mk II but right now keeping it until I see the Mk III in my hands
Daniel Bérubé @bosfcpug

I am waiting for some good deals on used MKII's. Will get the MkIII when the IV comes out..
Matt Stapleton @MattJStapleton

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