Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Does That Filter Do?

Everyone knows what a Neutral Density filter does [Makes it darker - Ed], and what a UV filter does [Keeps dust off the lens -Ed], but what does a Haze filter do?

Today on "What Does That Filter Do?" we look at Tiffen's Glimmerglass.

Reading the specs, the first few seem pretty straight forward...
  • Softens Fine Details Like Blemishes
  • Adds Slight Glow to Highlights
  • Reduces Contrast
  • Minimal Highlight Flare

It's the next one that catches your attention:
  • Generates a Silver Sparkle in the Glass
A sparkle in the glass?! Well that'll look good for those "Director with the camera"shots! 
But then...
  • Brings a Psychological Edge to the Shot
  • Makes Subject Feel More Confident
I'm sorry, what?!! A filter that brings a psychological edge to the shot by making the subject feel more confident?! They offer a few more details:
The main feature of Glimmerglass is that it produces a silver sparkle in the front of the filter that makes your subject feel more confident. That sparkle adds a psychological element to the shot that makes your subject more responsive and confident that the session is going well. In that sense, Glimmerglass is as effective to look at as it is to look through.
Well, that explains that!

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