Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Rough Guide to DSLR Video ( Beginner / Intermediate ) | Ben Edwards
| IContactVideo
A very good overview and introduction to shooting video with DSLR for those new to the topic:
The main reasons people like DSLRs are:
The footage they produce looks great. I have a Sony Z1 (£2000) and the stuff I have shot on a Canon 550D (£500) looks as good if not better. The colours are vivid and the depth of field is nice and shallow (see Depth of Field section).

Sale: Red Giant Quick Looks 90% Off - Only $11! Celebrate 11/11/11 | Tollfarm
Sale ends today on Red Giant Quick Looks:
Quick Looks sets the mood for your footage in seconds, whether it’s a urban grunge, a desert sunrise, or the film stocks used in classic movies. Quick Looks is a lite version of Magic Bullet Looks, giving you the same speed and creative options but at a lower price. You can easily define the style of your video or film by choosing from 100+ look presets that add color and light to every scene, from a wedding event to the next Sundance original.

Introducing the Sony F65 | AbelCine | Event
Abel Cine is hosting the East Coast debut of the Sony F65 in New York, Tuesday Nov 22 from 6-9pm:
The evening will begin with an overview of the F65 and a discussion of the new advancements in the camera’s sensor design, including its amazing 8K resolution and increased color space.
This will be followed by a live camera demo and presentation of the F65’s key features. A workflow presentation will show the flexibility of the system and the support of third party manufacturers. The evening will conclude with a panel discussion featuring the evening’s presenters, as well as representatives from the post-production community.

Roger Deakins ASC BSC interview on In Time, directed by Andrew Niccol and due for release later this year.. | British Society of Cinematographers
An interview with Deakins about this film, which was shot with the Arri Alexa:
The second time I met with Andrew I was testing the camera and I had it in mind but I wasn’t sure, I wanted to get a better sense of what the film was before I suggested going digital. There is the idea of these two looks of the ghetto and the wealthy part of town, one was raw one was artificial and I thought the camera was a perfect choice for that as you can stretch it that way. It’s funny because the first question Andrew asked when we met was ‘you still shoot on film don’t you?’ and I said yeah I’ve only ever shot film, though I was keeping an eye on what was developing on the digital side of things. After meeting with him a few times I asked him to come to Deluxe to view some stuff I had shot on the Alexa. After the screening I asked what he thought and he seemed to be sold straight away.

Masters In Motion – Day One | Clint Milby | KesslerU
Short report on the first day of the Masters In Motion event:
The first day of Masters In Motion has wrapped! With speakers like Tom Guilmette, Joe Simon, and Philip Bloom, there’s now way anyone there didn’t walk away with some great stuff to take into their own filmmakingprojects.

Shooting Video On A DSLR Or Compact System Camera | Here's How
You can download the Vol. 10 No. 4 issue of HERE'S HOW! for free. It includes this article:
“Holy crap.”That was Laurie Few’s reaction when she saw the first video footage shot by Kirk Neff on a Nikon D7000 DSLR. Few is the executive producer for GlobalTelevision’s documentary show 16x9; Neff is the show’s award-winning director of photography.

Last season, 16x9 aired a segment about a young man who had lost both arms in an industrial accident, but was still managing to live a full life, including playing hockey.It was a compelling story,and Neff wanted a different look than he’d get with a conventional electronic news-gathering (ENG) video rig.

Read All About the History of Editing in this New eBook | Scott Simmons
| StudioDaily
Two new eBooks that cover the history of video edting, from 1898 to 1988, and 1988-2000.
It gives an insight into the development of CMX, Montage, Final Cut Pro, Avid, EMC, Media 100, EditDroid, Lightworks, D-Vision, iMovie, in:sync, Premiere, Ediflex, ImMIX, Link, and many other systems for the first time.
Amazon: Timeline [$4.99]
Amazon: Timeline 2 [$4.99]

Amazing Stop-Motion Music Video Made Using 920 Colored Pencils | Michael Zhang | PetaPixel
Another amazing stop-motino music video; this time with pencils! There's a link to a behind-the-scenes video too.

Sony Demonstrates New Closed Captioning Viewing and Audio Playback for Cinemas at ShowEast 2011 | DCinemaToday
Last month Sony showed new closed caption viewing and audio playback for hearing and visually impaired patrons.
This prototype technology, to be named Entertainment Access Technology, includes specially designed eyewear and a receiver with the capability to use headphones for the hearing impaired for the descriptive audio tracks. Deaf and hard of hearing consumers can use the glasses to view caption data and enhance their movie-going experience. The caption system is capable of providing a choice of up to 6 languages for playback and is driven by a wireless transmitter, and it is adaptable for 3D.

Redcine X Pro Tutorial Part 0 - The Basics | ItsNotFlare | YouTube
A quick video tutorial on setting up Redcine x Pro (beta 5) to process Red One, Epic, or Scarlet Footage.

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