Friday, November 18, 2011

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First Look: Canon EOS C300 Cinema Camera | Barry Braverman | Studio Daily
Cinematographer Barry Braverman offers his take on the Canon C300:
More problematic for some folks may be the Canon 8-bit recording and HD-SDI output. To be fair, Canon extracts a remarkable 12-bits worth of data for each pixel, a very high level of performance that the company describes as “the best 1080p 4:2:2 implementation in the business.” Still, for most of us operating in the higher end of the industry, a ten-bit recording system like Sony’s HDCAM SR, Apple’s ProRes and Panasonic’s AVC-Intra are pretty much the norm now...

The Simplest, Fastest Interview Lighting Setup—Ever | Art Adams
| ProVideoCoalition
One light, a couple of pieces of foam core, and you're done? Lighting doesn't get much simpler than this!
Yes, it looks simple. Deceptively simple. Believe it or not, it takes a long time to learn to light so simply. There was a time when I used every light on the truck (or the van) on my shoots, but as I’ve matured the number of lights I use has dropped dramatically.

That’s very important, because it’s not enough to be able to do great work as a DP. You have to do it in a very short period of time. Creating the prettiest lighting setup in the world doesn’t help anyone if it takes so long that the director only has five minutes to get what they need. Lighting is important, but it’s not the most important thing.

Sony F3 Zoom Lens and SR-R1 Recorder | Andy Shipsides | AbelCine
Sony announced their solid-state recorder, the SR-R1 [$12,500] ages ago, but it's only just started to appear. Andy Shipsides provides a demo, along with the Sony 14-252mm zoom lens. A couple of notes about the lens; it goes from about T3.8 to T6.8, and has some extension at the front as it zooms:
This is the first of Sony’s SR Memory recording options, which utilizes the high-quality SR Codecs found previously on HDCAM SR tape. This devices is perfect for anyone working in the SR world, and is basically a much less expensive and more portable version of the SRW1 deck.
The SR Codec is explained on Sony's webspage: SR-R1 SRMemory recorder

Using the RT Fall Transition for Final Cut Pro X | Steve Martin & Mark Spencer
| Ripple Training
A falling leaves transition for Final Cut Pro X, includes instructions on how to use, as well as a link to download the transition for free. The transition may only be free for the week, so download now!

Bafta must recognise wordsmiths | James Moran | Blog
Writers aren't that important [And they are ugly and boring -Ed] so British Award show decides not to televise them.
In the main show, there are six acting awards in total. Drama and comedy shows are rightly split into single drama, drama series, mini-series, continuing drama, comedy and situation comedy.

Directing, while still hidden in the Craft awards, gets three categories – factual, fiction and multi-camera. Sound and editing get two each. But we just get ‘writer’, one award to cover the entire spectrum. What sort of message does that send?

Glidetrack SD Hybrid Slider | Glidetrack
A new slider from Glidetrack:
Following the phenomenal success of the Glidetrack HD Hybrid, we have expanded the range to include the Glidetrack SD Hybrid. Once again, the Glidetrack SD Hybrid slider system, has been developed in conjunction with Igus®. It has been designed to offer an evolution of the traditional plain Drylin carriage systems.

Vision Research unveils compact, super slo-mo Miro M110, M120 and M310 cams
| Terrence O'Brien | Engadget
The developers of the Phantom are bringing out some new cameras with all sorts of ridiculous frame rates, including 400,000fps. Prices vary, but will start at about $25,000!

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