Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Sony F3 with S-LOG Shoots Ghost of Goodnight Lane | Jonny Revolt
| Creative COW Magazine
An insider's report on the first feature film to be shot on the Sony PMW-F3
The S-LOG option for the F3 also means that you can now use the dual-link 3G SDI ports on the back of the F3 to output 4:4:4 signals that capture the entire tonal range of that 35mm chip. The S-LOG option also adds a stop to the F3's standard range, for a total of 13.5 stops, about the same as the RED Epic, and very nearly as much range as Alexa, for much less money.

Blackmagic Design Announces DaVinci Resolve Lite now Includes Unlimited Color Correction Nodes! | Blackmagic
This is pretty amazing. The free version of DaVinci Resolve now supports more than two color correction nodes (think of a node as an effect) per clip. Reportedly, only the first 10 are real time (possibly due to the one GPU limitation?) but this change is pretty huge; the two nodes limitation was the one big limitation of the lite version.
DaVinci Resolve Lite includes all the same high quality processing of the full DaVinci Resolve, however limits projects to SD and HD resolutions, unlimited nodes using a single processing GPU and a single RED Rocket card. Stereoscopic 3D features, noise reduction, power mastering, remote grading and sharing projects with an external database server are features only offered in the full DaVinci Resolve so are not included in this free DaVinci Resolve Lite edition.

ShrinkRay X for FCP X - Free for 1 Week | CrumplePop
I know I said I won't be using Final Cut Pro X for the foreseeable future, but the filter ShrinkRay X for Final Cut Pro X, is free for 1 week. And you can't beat free! After one week, the price will move to $75.
ShrinkRay X is a fast and powerful way to create tilt-shift effects in FCP X, so you can make big things look tiny (for instance, buildings, boats, or crowds). We've added a bunch of new features, as well as easy onscreen controls and FCP X's realtime playback.

“KING’S SPEECH” Oscar nominated Film Editor Gives Red Hot Seminar in NYC
| Awards Daily
Notes from the talk Tariq Anwar gave in New York a couple of weeks ago:
Anwar felt documentaries were great training to go on to edit feature films,”because they teach you story telling. In the end everything is story telling. That is what features are.” And features are what he is best known for now. A legend among film editors, Anwar edited “The Madness of King George”, “American Beauty” and this year’s Oscar winner “The King’s Speech” among many, many others.

5 Top Tips for Lighting on a Low Budget | Chris Thomas | Raindance
If all the world's a stage, I want better lighting!
3) Conceal
Make sure you have heatproof material such as ‘black wrap’ and aluminium flags for shaping the light and blocking unnecessary ‘spill’

Red Tactical Battle Armor, Try Matching This Canon | Cinescopophilia
Pictures and video of the RED Tactical Battle Armor, a housing to protect the camera.

Free Canon Live Events Presenting the Canon EOS System, Hollywood |
For those lucky enough to be in Hollywood, a couple of events focused on the Canon C300:
NOVEMBER 17, 2011, 7PM - 9PM
Dana Christiaansen, Director of Photography on Sam Nicholson, ASC's short, "XXIT," will discuss his experiences with the EOS C300 on the set of this visual effects and green screen heavy production.
DECEMBER 1, 2011, 7PM - 9PM
Michael Cioni, of Light lron, will give insights on EOS C300 workflow that he gleaned from his experience on the short film, "Sword," directed by Felix Alcalá and Larry Carroll.

Rebate on Sony PMW-F3 | B & H
There's an $800 rebate being offered on the Sony PMW-F3 through December 31st. This brings the price of the body only down to $13,160.00 and the body with the three PL lenses to $19,090.00.

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