Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Reaction to Nikon V1: "blah"
Continuing it's tradition of not announcing anything that's very exciting, the new Nikon V1 is getting fairly negative reviews (though admittedly from sites that aren't "Nikon-centric"!)

Nikon versus Micro Four Thirds comparison! | 43Rumors
Before you start bashing on me saying I am a fanboy, well I am NOT! I use cameras from different manufacturers and there are many things I like from the Nikon camera world (D700 and many of their lenses). But I simply cannot fell in love with the today announced Nikon cameras.
Is the NIkon V1 really better than the Sony NEX-5n? (I say no!) | SonyAlphaRumors
Pocket Lint compared the Nikon V1 versus the Sony NEX-5n and comes to the conclusion that the V1 is actually better. I want to hear you’re comments on that. My opinion on that? Some of their points are really weird. But let’s start the discussion to see why Pocket Lint may be right (or wrong).
The Nikon 1 system – will it succeed? | EOSHD
Video – as we know – can be a major selling point but someone needs to tell Nikon that Super 35mm 1080/60p and 24p is where it’s at. Their product managers and people giving feedback clearly did NOT-HAVE-A-CLUE when it came to video. They are asking all the wrong people. Customers don’t want to playback or edit interlaced footage in 2011 when all their displays are progressive, it is a total pain.

Cross-Platform, Multi-NLE, Tape-Less Transcoding Workflow Tips |
Suggestions for file naming, transcoding formats, and project naming:
What I am presenting below is my recommended workflow tips on some specifications, techniques, ideas, tools and processes that aim to find a balance between digital flexibility and robust consistency whilst imposing managerial order over potential chaos. It’s not a comprehensive workflow plan, it doesn’t include ancillary and parallel processes such as sound-mix, colour grade, VFX work and so on - think of it more as a central spine of key principles and tips for video onto which you can bolt other processes you need. It is a paradigm I use myself and know to work well in both problem-solving and problem-avoiding.

Make Your Video Look Like Film in Sony Vegas Pro | BorisFX
A video tutorial on how to make video look like film using BorisFX and Sony Vegas.

Big 5D Mark II Price Drops in Canada & USA | CanonRumors
A rebate on the 5D in the US starting on September 25th? Is this part of the usual sales cycle, response to a sales slump, or an attempt to clear the channel before a new announcement? We shall all speculate...

Canon To Announce New Camera In Hollywood November 3rd, 2011. *Update*
| Wide Open Camera
A couple of updates to the initial rumors about what Canon is announcing:
The body style will be similar to the 4K hairdryer that was shown at Canon Expo in New York last year. It sounds like the LCD will be on top of the camera and not the camera left side.
The "hair-dryer" rumor might by right, given that another rumor says it's like the Sony NEX-FS100, which sort of looks like the "hair-dryer" unit too. I doubt it will be very similar to that unit; they were very clear at the show that it wasa technology demo only, it did not have interchangeable lenses, and I'm pretty sure the sensor wasn't very large even though it was 4K.

LiveLens active lens mount for Canon EF lenses | Redrock Micro
This looks cool:
Redrock Micro's LiveLens Active Lens Mount introduces electronic control to 35mm adapters, giving you the ability to control the aperture of Canon EF lenses on your M2 Encore lens adapter.
Now if they'd just put that on an E-mount or micro-four thirds lens mount!
B & H: Redrock Micro LiveLens Active Lens Mount f/Canon EF Lenses [$495]

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