Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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REVIEW - Blackmagic Design's HyperDeck Shuttle | Adam Garstone | HD Magazine
A short review of the HyperDeck Shuttle which really only covers the functionality and operation of the product without going into day-to-day operation or the quality of the image vs. in camera video. Still, he seems to like it:
...if I were shooting anything with a Sony F3 I would want to record on the Shuttle to do justice to the F3’s fantastic S35 sensor and cine lenses. Plus, at just £195 (excluding VAT) it fits pretty much anyone’s shooting budget.

Covering The Continuing Story In Japan - Six Months After The Tsunami
| Matthew Allard | DSLR News Shooter
Matt talks both about the projects he's shot, as well as the hardware he's used, most notably the Sony PMW-F3, though he also mentions a variety of other gear, including the Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle!
The stand up was recorded on the Black magic Hyperdeck Shuttle. This records 422 10Bit Uncompressed Quicktime files and requires a super fast SSD drive to capture at a bit rate of more than 1000Mb/s! A 250GB drive will last you 25 minutes! The level of detail and the cleanness of the image is remarkable. It is not something you would use all the time as the file sizes it generates are enormous. I’ll review it further at a later date.

November 3rd RED Announces Changes to Scarlet & Shipping | Cinescopophilia
RED keeps saying they aren't going to pre-announce things, and then they do. But now it appears they will announce Scarlet on November 3rd, maybe. They have confirmed it will ship by the end of the year.

Nikon unveils V1 and J1 mirrorless cameras: 10.1MP CMOS, 1080p video, ships in October for $650+ (video) | Engadget
This look rather retro, but Nikon announces a mirrorless camera of it's own.
Nikon: Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens Nikon 1 J1 / V1
EOSHD: Nikon V1 and J1 specs – Nikon 1 system officially launched

Technicolor CineStyle profile for Canon DSLR | Joshua Papp | John Barry Blog
A look at this picture style, and how to use it:
Once installed, the camera’s picture style should be set to 0 for sharpness, -4 for Contrast, -2 for Saturation and 0 for Colour Tone. And when shooting video, you should set the ASA setting to multiples of 160, such as 160ASA, 320ASA, 640ASA, etc. You will get better shooting results, say between 320ASA and 300ASA, since the sensor’s native sensitivity is 160ASA.

Genus PV Compact Matte Box | Den Lennie | Vimeo
Den Lennie of F-Stop Academy has produced three videos for Genus on their products: the Genus Uniplate, The Genus PV Compact Box [above] and the Swingaway Bracket for the Matte Box.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge integrated graphics to support luscious 4K resolutions | VentureBeat
Intel’s current Sandy Bridge graphics chipset only supports 2,560 by 1600, but Ivy Bridge will support 4096 by 2304 pixels or more. Just in time for that Canon camera (if it exists)

Snapseed: Free 9/20-9/23
Now anyone can enhance, transform, and share their photos with ease using incredibly advanced features from the leader in digital photography software!

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