Saturday, September 24, 2011

LiveLens MFT Active Lens Mount

Redrock now has a Livelens mount adapter for Canon EF to Micro-Four Thirds. Introductory pricing is $442.50, and regular price will be $487.50. I've seen one person complain that it doesn't allow auto-focus, only aperture control, but it's better than nothing!

Canon EF lenses require power and electronic controls in order to adjust the lens’ aperture. Without power and control electronics, The aperture of the EF lenses are stuck wide open, severely limiting the usefulness of the lens. The Redrock LiveLens mft active lens adapter solves this problem by providing power to the EF lens and a control pad to adjust the lens aperture. With LiveLens mft you can set the EF lens' aperture to any stop in increments as small as 1/3 stop. It works with just about every lens available today, including variable aperture zoom lenses, prime lenses, consumer-level lenses, and professional L-series lenses. It also works with most third party EF-compatible lenses. There are some limitations to please make sure to read Technical Details.
Redrock: LiveLens MFT Active Lens Mount

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