Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Midday Update

Final Cut Pro X Version 10.0.1 | Apple
Apple has released the 10.0.1 update to Final Cut Pro X which adds: Rich XML Support, Projects and Events on Xsan, Custom Starting Timecode, One-step Transitions on Connected Clips, GPU-accelerated export, a Camera Import SDK and Media Stems Export.
The update is 1.4 GB!

They have also released a 30-day trial version, and are promising for "early 2012" Multicam Editing and Broadcast-Quality Video Monitoring.
App Store: Final Cut Pro - Apple® $299

Review - Canon XA10 Camcorder | Phil Coates | HD Magazine
Phil used Canon's tiny semi-pro camcorder, the XA10, to shoot a documentary in the arctic, and was impressed:
Well not only did the XA10 work in one of the most hostile environments on earth, I frankly would not have been able to complete the film without it. I was gobsmacked that basically what ever abuse I threw at the XA10 the camera just kept on working and that included freezing the thing almost solid and then warming it up over an expedition petrol stove and in the process melting the microphone mount!
Note: Amazon today is selling the consumer version, the HF G10, for $1,329, down from $1,499. Canon VIXIA HF G10 Full HD Camcorder. The HF G10 has almost identical functions/performance, but lacks the add-on handle that provides two XLR audio inputs

EOSHD DSLR Video Camera Ratings : Sheet1 | EOSHD
Andrew Reid of EOSHD is working on a comparison of the Panasonic GH2, Sony NEX-5N, Canon 60D, Canon 7D and 5D Mark II, and has posted on Google-docs his current chart. The GH2 is ahead on points!

Automated Video Editing Site Makes Movie Magic Out of Raw Footage | Mashable
Magisto is a website/service that will edit together your videos automatically, though:
Magisto is not for the artistically-inclined, obsess-over-every-detail video editor. It’s for average Joes and Janes who don’t have the time or interest to bother with learning or using complicated editing software.
If that doesn't appeal, how about Stroome, a free online video editing tool which allows you to collaborate with others:
Tool of the week for journalists – Collaborative video editing platform Stroome |

Videobloggers make millions through online content
| Matt Danzico and Ellie Stanton | BBC
Videoblogging is the place to make money, maybe:
The amount advertisers pay varies with the popularity and quality of the videos, with creators receiving as much as $20 (£12.70) per thousand views.

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