Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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A quick look at the Sony NEX5N. The good and the bad | Philip Bloom | Blog
Philip has posted a more detailed article about the Sony NEX-5N, noting the click problem, but generally liking the camera, and it's optional OLED viewfinder:
One feature that is not standard but is a must-buy accessory is the OLED EVF. It has 2.4 million dots and is simply the clearest, sharpest viewfinder I have ever seen, and it has red peaking! It pivots too which is nice. What is not so nice is it will set you back up to $400 which makes the NEX5-N much pricier.
Philip posted yesterday on Twitter:
just figured out the clicking of the NEX5N seems there was a blue m&m inside it when I opened it up.well i never :)

Possible Specs For New Canon Video Camera? | HD Magazine
Another rumor about the upcoming announcement from Canon. It follows other rumors about there being two cameras (EF and PL mount) but says that he thinks they are more closely competing with the FS100/AF100:
Don't tell anyone but I have seen specs and pics of the new cameras and I'd say they are more closely competing with the FS100/AF100 cameras, but will give the F3 a very good run for the money.
That's an interesting twist, because I was guessing the camera would be over $10,000. Maybe it'll be around $6,000...

Technicolor Cinestyle Profile | Artwerk Media | Vimeo
Attempting to match the image form the NEX-FS100 with those coming from the Canon 5D Mark II using the Technicolor Picture Style, and not happy with other solutions, Artwerk Media offers their own image settings for the NEX-FS100:
Please note: keep an eye on your histograms cause the FS100 often oeverexposes and it is so light sensitive that it can blow out more than the 5D. But if you are carefull, the footage can mix well.*

Blackmagic Design Announces New Low Price for HDMI and Analog Mini Converter Models | Blackmagic
Blackmagic Design has announced a new lower price on 8 of its popular Mini Converters. The Mini Converter SDI to HDMI, Mini Converter HDMI to SDI, Mini Converter SDI to Analog and Mini Converter Analog to SDI models will be reduced to US$295. The Heavy Duty models of these 4 Mini Converters, featuring ultra tough machined aluminum design will be lowered to US$395. These models are all shipping now.

Using Kickstarter to finance your movie | Jared Abrams | MasteringFilm
A look at a Kickstarter campaign currently in process from the inside.
We chose Kickstarter over options like IndieGoGo and Rocket Hub simply because it is an all or nothing situation. At Kickstarter, if you don’t meet your fundraising goal, you get nothing. Because of this, we felt that it was worth it to take the risk of not getting funded over trying to make a film with insufficient funds. It feels more challenging to have a successful kickstarter campaign and comes with a higher reward.

Lunch With Michael Moore | Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson | Slate
Even if you don't care for Moore's films or politics, the last section of this article is an interesting treatise on what a documentary is:
Throughout the history of the documentary there have been two opposing camps. There are those, such as Moore, who believe that you take fragments of recorded facts and use them to construct a higher truth. The other camp believes documentary makers should record reality and be a mirror to society. To understand who is more "real" in this battle for reality, you have to examine the past.

Sony SR-R1 Portable Recorder Pricing | Sony
Sony announced the SR-R1 digital recorder at the beginning of the year, but they've only just posted prices on their website. It's $15,037.59 U.S. List Price. For that you get:
Dual-link HD-SDI/3G-SDI is supported to provide stunning recording capabilities including 1080 50p/59.94p and RGB 4:4:4 recording. This system also offers a dual-stream recording capability which is useful for 3D stereoscopic image capturing. SR-Lite (220-Mbps) and SR-SQ (440-Mbps) are supported as standard; SR-HQ (880-Mbps) and uncompressed recording are supported as options.
Sony SR-R1 Memory Recorder
More information on the SR-R1 can also be found in the PMW-F3 information page. Sony | PMW-F3

New Noktor HyperPrime 23mm f/1.7 lens coming soon? | Sony Alpha Rumors
SonyAlphaRumors reports on a $499 E-mount Noktor 23mm f/1.7 lens coming in December. The design is reportedly based on a cinema lens and has 12 aperture blades.


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