Thursday, June 23, 2011

News From Here & There

It's been an interesting few days, but I'm going to try and get back to other news and goings-on in the video world - while still have some Final Cut Pro X reporting here and there.

Thinking Of Switching?
Grass Valley has announced some upgrades to Edius 6: Grass Valley updates Edius 6 NLE

Follow Focus Review
Mitch at Planet 5D reviews the DSLR Solutions Follow Focus. This follow focus is unusual in that it is a steal ring with two knob/handles that you attach to the lens. I think it costs about $60.
With a separate velcro strip you can mark focus points, and it comes on and off easily, but it's a really different way of working compared to traditional follow-focus units (though it doesn't require rails for attaching it either, so that's a plus.)
Planet5d: podcast #43 DSLR Solutions Follow Focus Reviewed and demoed

RJ Follow Focus
Darren Levine has posted a video review of the $156 RJ Follow Focus."It is absolutely fantastic!"
Overall, this unit is a big win, of course you shouldn't compare it to $1000+ pro units, but it feels like a lot more than the price tag suggests and i feel that many people in the indie budget range will have a hard time justifying paying 2,3,5,8x the price for higher end units.

the most important thing is that the gearbox is great. it has some dampening, which for most of you out there with other budget units will appreciate that it does not freely spin if you give it a whirl. this helps make sloppy lenses feel a bit better.
Vimeo: Sub $150 RJ Follow Focus Review

Note: The other low-cost follow focus to consider is the D|Focus that you can buy through Jag35 for $139.99 (with no lens gears, which cost ~$30 each.) Jag35: D|Focus Version 3

Listec Video Miniprompter for iPhone
Looks interesting; and the camera shoots through a mirror, but it will cost "just" under $500?! Available in the autumn
Engadget: Listec Video Miniprompter for iPhone hands-on (video)

Sony PMW-F3 S-Log vs. Cinegamma
How good is S-Log compared to Cinegamma? Alister at XDCAM User does a quick test:
This was all done very quickly, so it’s not particularly scientific or accurate, but it does prove beyond any doubt that S-Log brings a significant boost to the dynamic range compared to the cinegammas. I estimate it gives you between 1.5 and 2 more stops to play with. 
XDCAMUser: PMW-F3 S-Log and Cinegamma quick look.

Redrock MicroRemote
We're still waiting for the microRemote to appear, but Redrock has posted some updated information to their Facebook page.
The microRemote system has flexible power options and requirements. In general, the microRemote system can be powered in several different ways: by 14.4v batteries through d-tap cabling, by AC power, and in some cases for some components by smaller consumer/camcorder batteries. The microRemote follows established industry power norms for wireless follow focus systems, so if you are familiar with these setups, you will generally have the same or similar setup for the microRemote.
Facebook: microRemote

Finding Funding
Julie Babcock provides some suggestions for those looking for funding for their documentary:
If your potential investors are still interested after your pitch, you’ll want to provide them with a deeper look into your project. The visual map is a one-page treatment of your documentary, and should be kept to one page only! However, you can include a storyboard or anything else that may help fill a visual map of the project.
VideoMaker: Find Funding for your Documentary: Pitch your Idea

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