Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Latest News

[UPDATE 11:00AM]
  • If you already have Final Cut installed on your machine, the install moves the existing apps into a 'Final Cut Studio' folder.
  • Just to repeat, Multicam is NOT present in this release. Apple says they are rethinking it and will/may add in a future release
  • Philip Hodgetts First Impressions of Final Cut Pro X
  • Motion 5 will open Motion 4 files (even though Final Cut Pro X won't open Final Cut Pro 7 files.)
Gary Adcock posts a first-look at Macworld: First Look: Final Cut Pro X
On the Creative Cow forum he writes:
FCP X is NOT for Professionals
No Log and Capture, No 3rdParty Plugins, codecs or Hardware today.

No EDL or XML support -in or out at this time.
CreativeCOW: FCPX info from an insider

  • You can run the old version of Final Cut Pro 7 side-by-side with Final Cut Pro X
  • Final Cut Pro X will not open Final Cut Pro 7 projects (though it will open iMovie projects!)
  • A list of supported cameras can be found on Apple's site: Final Cut Pro X Supported Cameras
  • A list of supported file formats: Supported Formats and I/O
  • What's new in Motion 5, apart from the interface? Looks like tighter integration with Final Cut is the primary difference; the interface functionality is mostly the same. ProVideoCoalition: Motion 5: Top 5 New Features
  • After download, another 600MB of sound effects are available as an extra download. Re: FCPX What's in and what's been left out

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