Monday, June 20, 2011

Final Cut Pro X: The Natives Are Restless VII

Apple like to make software announcements on Tuesdays. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Not many more Tuesdays left in June
- @simonwalker

With a bit of luck, the natives won't have to be restless for more than a day; will Final Cut Pro X ship tomorrow, Tuesday 21st? I hope so, if nothing else, so I don't have to read the wild speculation on Twitter anymore.

Also, I'm not so confident about my Roman Numerals above VII. Is it VIII or IIX? Could that be why Apple jumped to X?

Of course, there is one more Tuesday in June...

Anyway, there's been very little news over the weekend, and we're all grateful for that.

Connor Crosby, a teenager who loves making short movies and ranting, did pen a short rant about Final Cut Pro X.

He suggests that you should make a separate partition for Final Cut Pro X - just incase it causes problems for Final Cut Studio 3:
Personally, I am going to make only one partition from my hard drive with Final Cut Studio 3 running Snow Leopard. My actual hard drive will run Lion when it comes out and I will have FCS3 and Final Cut X installed.
Final Cut WhizRants About Final Cut Pro X

Seriously Connor, you're too young to be ranting against the injustices of the world.

He also restates the insightful words from Larry Jordan:
But, what he said makes a lot of sense. This is basically a 1.0 version of a product, which Apple has had ‘a poor track record of’ when it comes to software. There will be many bugs that need to get fixed.
Even if Larry didn't mean it to get repeated by everyone

Update Your Plug-ins
Whether your third party tools will need to be updated depends on whether it's a separate app, and how tightly it's integrated with Final Cut, but Walter Biscardi reports that:
Filmlight specifically told me that Baselight will work on Final Cut Pro X when it's released
[UPDATE: Oops! I should have added this; Baselight isn't shipping yet either....]

Color is Dead?
Speculation continues that Color is gone as a separate app, with a lot of the Color tools integrated into Final Cut Pro X. Mr Bad Back, aka @BeetleCarDriver thinks this could be a good thing. More control within Final Cut will make it a lot easier for the majority of users, while the high-end users are probably already using alternatives:
I’m completely confident and capable with Color and to some extent Davinci Resolve but I’d gladly ditch round-trupping for the benefits of being able to work on all the media in the timeline right up to the point the client says export.
TheJunkRoom: What no Color X?

Final Cut Pro Forum
The website has started it's own forum: Launched today, our new Community and Forum are now open - Buckle up and enjoy the ride

From The Archives
Over the weekend a lot of people liked to joke that this is the preview of Final Cut Pro X, when it's actually the preview of Final Cut Pro 1.0


Connor said...

Hmmm, why does age matter again? Besides, I did end up putting it on the same HD.

Michael Murie said...

Only the old and bitter should be ranting...

...the young should be chanting and protesting.