Friday, June 24, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 2

People Are Getting Refunds
Multiple people report getting refunds for Final Cut Pro X. It's unclear what happens to the software once your money is refunded; can the App Store shut down apps?
Apple probably isn't that concerned; they figure that those people will lose it once they move to a new machine or replace the OS as they can't reinstall without the App Store.
EOSHD: Apple refunding pros for Final Cut Pro X

Editor Pow Wow
Chris Fenwick is planning a get-together this Saturday in Oakland California of editor friends to discuss FCPX. He's also looking into streaming it for those that want to follow along at home.
This Saturday at Noon I’m doing something completely different. I’m going to have a few editors gather together at the facility I work at in Oakland California, and we are gonna huddle arround a big 46 monitor, (I think FCPX will run at 1920x1080) and we are going to have a full fledged geek session going over the new Final Cut Pro X.
July 25, 2011 12 Noon Pacific time.
OneOneOne: FCPX - Editor Pow Wow

Project Management Issues
Jeffery Harrell explains his problems with project management in Final Cut Pro X.
Okay, so let’s review here for a second. You have events, which hold shots. You have keyword collections, which act like bins, sort of. Drag a shot from the event to a keyword collection and it shows up in that collection just as it would if it were a normal bin.
jefferyharrell.tumblr: Project management in FCP X: No. Just no
See also my issues: 

Exporting Movies
Danny Greer at Premiumbeat explains how to export movies without going through the Share menu:
Although many of the previous exporting options have been “simplified” in FCPX, exporting a hi-res QuickTime movie remains intact…if you know where to look in the application.
Premiumbeat: In this post, we’ll examine how to export out a high resolution QuickTime Movie out of Final Cut Pro X, as well as the best shortcuts to expedite this process.

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