Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A little bit of Final Cut News

Compiling the Problems
Rob Imbs is collecting a list of "deal breakers"
Keep 'em coming guys! "Fellow FCP editors, what are the "deal breakers" for you in #FCPX? I'm making a list."

Daniel Freytag is doing something similar:
Post YOUR personal PRO and CONTRA things about #fcpx here… and I'll make a list.maybe some thing are already solved or

What's Missing
Walter Biscardi reports that:
Found out today #fcpx will never be able to open an #fcp project. Too big a change in project structure.
Which is interesting, as Philip Hodgetts has previously claimed (see MacNN report below) he was told they would be adding that support. As much as I hope Walter's wrong, I wouldn't bet money that Apple is going to add support for importing older projects.

Walter has also written an article at CreativeCOW listing what he sees as wrong with this release: Final Cut Pro X: What's Missing for Some Pros

MacNNFinal Cut Pro X expected to get missing features in updates

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