Friday, April 01, 2011

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NAB Stuff
  • NAB Canon & Sony predictions. I probably shouldn't list this today - given it's April Fool's Day - but this article on EOSHD was actually published yesterday, and contains speculation about Canon releasing a large sensor video camera (Personally, while it would seem logical that they would, but Canon always seems to be a good step behind everyone else on the video front; they like to see how things are shaking out, and then release a fully featured - and expensive - camera.) On the Sony front, he hopes for more manual controls on the replacement for the NEX-3 that is expected; though it seems doubtful Sony would announce a new NEX-3 at NAB. EOSHD: Canon at NAB 2011 / Sony's lucky number

  • Tips for Job hunters. The NABShow Blog has posted an article full of tips for internship and job hunters at the show. Suggestions include: Focus Your Itinerary; Learn to Break the Ice; Get a Relationship, Not Just a Business Card. NABShowBlog: Tips for Internship and Job Hunters at the NAB Show  [See also the Philip Bloom article linked below]

  • Final Cut @ NAB? I wouldn't bet money either way that Apple will show the new version of Final Cut - publicly - at NAB. BUT, at last night's BOSFCPUG meeting, Daniel Berube made reference to the second half of the upcoming NAB SuperMeet meeting being devoted to Final Cut, and the SuperMeet writeup currently says: Second half of SuperMeet agenda to be posted shortly! Stay tuned... Could there be an exciting announcement/demo, or will it be a partner - like Canon or Panasonic - announcing new file support for Final Cut? We shall have to wait...SuperMeet

Other Links
  • Should you go to Film School? Philip Bloom looks back on how he got into the business, and speculates about what he would do if he was 18 again. PhilipBloom: How do I get into this filming lark and make money from it? Part 1

  • Photoshop for iPad: Adobe already has Photoshop Express for the iPhone and iPad, but now they are talking about a more fully featured version that supports layers and other features. TiPb: Adobe working on a full featured version of Photoshop for iPad

  • Sony PMW-F3: At Cine Technica, Andy Shipsides tests the Dynamic Range of the camera (without S-Log, which is yet to come and should increase the dynamic range) and comes up with 11-12 stops of range. He notes that dynamic range doesn't really change when switching gamma modes, instead it moves the middle gray point around, giving you more dynamic range above or below middle gray. The Cliff Notes version: Cine1 good for highlights. Cine4 good for lowlight shooting. AbelCine Tests the Sony F3 Dynamic Range

    Meanwhile, C├ędric Tacussel has posted a nice video of skateboarders and BMX riders shot with the PMW-F3. Vimeo: Test Sony PMW-F3

  • DSC Labs New3D Chart: says their new chart will reduce the "deleterious side effects sometimes brought on by looking too long at 3D video images." TVB: New 3D Camera Test Chart Said to ‘Reduce 3D Headaches’

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