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Sony NEX-FS100 Who said there wasn't anything more to say?

NotesOnVideo - home of the most obsessive coverage of the NEX-FS100 on the net!

Andy Shipsides at AbelCineTech has a good walkthrough video of the NEX-FS100. Absolutely worth watching because it highlights things not specifically mentioned elsewhere:
  • Where the manual iris, focus controls and expanded focus buttons are located
  • HDMI out is "very unique" (I think he means new) 1.4 spec, which supports 1080 60p output
  • Location of S & Q mode button (variable frame-rate mode)
  • HDMI stream has "hidden" time code so that external recorders can extract that.
  • I hadn't noticed that the two XLR inputs are on two different sides of the camera!
  • He said the touch screen on the LCD is "pretty responsive"
  • No microphone in the body, but does ship with the external microphone.
  • The side handle has a cable that plugs into the LANC control to connect the start-stop control on that handle to the body (which does add an extra cable floating about the body)
Andy talks about there being a hard drive mount on the right-hand side of the camera. I think that's actually an attachment for the HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory Unit (which holds 128GB of Flash Memory, and costs $649)

He also mentions that when outputting through HDMI at 60p it will flag the 24p frames. Peter Crithary, Marketing Manager for Production at Sony - @CineAltaNews has tweeted that the camera puts a 2:3 marker in the stream. [Note, I thought 2:3 was used when switching between 30 and 24fps].

Finally, to record the 60p HDMI signal, none of the existing recorders (i.e. Ninja or Ki Pro Mini) will support that. Andy references something coming, so probably Sony has another recorder coming, or he could mean the upcoming SR-R1 recorder from Sony (though I think that's going to be expensive.)
Cine Technica: Sony’s New NXCAM Super 35 FS100

What comes in the box?
Trusted Reviews suggests that the Kit model adds the zoom lens, viewfinder extension cover and shotgun microphone.

But the specs page at Sony's website clearly lists the microphone and VF tube for LCD as part of the non-kit model (i.e. the kit just adds the lens) Sony: NEXFS100U

The other major pieces appear to be the body, the side handle (with start-stop button) and the handle that the microphone attaches to. (Even though Sony's own brochure shows someone holding the camera by the microphone "handle," it does look rather awkward, and I'm not all too certain that's what it was really intended for. It would be interesting to hear from the design team about that!)
Trusted Reviews: Sony Launches NEX-FS100 Super 35mm Camcorder

Den Lennie posted a comment in my last post on the NEX-FS100. We'll ignore, for the moment, the fact that he seems to be operating under the misconception that I don't have a hidden agenda to increase traffic, and get straight to his point:
I have no need for a RED camera or an F35 because I don't shoot those kinds of jobs. But they are great tools for the right customers I do however own 3 dslr , am heavily invested in glass and accessories and I have an EX-1.

I have the tools to tell a story- the NEX FS100 would be a welcome addition to that tool box, I'd more than likely sell my EX-1 and replace it with this new camera because for promos and jobs that I might have used a dslr, I'd prefer a camera with camcorder controls.
NotesOnVideo: More Love (& Hate) for the Sony NEX-FS100

B & H lists the NEX-FS100 SUPER 35mm CAMCORDER w/LENS @ $6,550.00.
They list the NEX-FS100E Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder (w/out Lens) for $5,850.00
But you can't order; just have them notify you when it's in stock

Delivery is listed as: APPROX. ARRIVAL JULY

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