Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick Links

  • Operating Your Camera: In this article, Art Adams provides some wonderful tips and advice for any camera operator; even if you aren't regularly working with crews, and don't have a geared tripod head, keep reading, there's lots of useful advice. ProVideoCoalition: Random Tips from a Professional Camera Operator

  • Sony PMW-F3 in low-light: Euan Preston has posted a short video shot in city environments at night using the PMW-F3 (and graded in black & white) Vimeo: Sony PMW-F3 in Low Light

  • Another Sony PMW-F3 sample video, taken in Brisbane shot with Sony Primes at 720p 25p overcranked to 50 fps at 35Mb/ Vimeo: The Sunshine Coast - Sony PMW F3 Camera Test

  • Marshall Electronics V-LCD50-HDMI Portable Field Monitor Review. Videomaker likes the false colors filter and peaking, and really only criticizes one missing feature: "Since this product is targeted specifically to the DSLR user, HDMI is the only input option with this monitor and we think that at this price, an HDMI cable would be a nice addition to complete the package." Videomaker: V-LCD50-HDMI  B & H: V-LCD50-HDMI [$516.35]

  • Is Film School Worth It? Seth Hymes at No Film School thinks maybe not [could they be biased?! -Ed] but he offers some interesting thoughts and alternatives. "Not pictured in this shot are 2 New York Film Academy grads, also working for about $75 a day as PAs. I asked them both what they paid for school, and they said $30,000 for the one year program. I asked them if they wanted to make a movie and direct. They said yes. I asked them how they planned on doing that. They didn’t know." NoFilmSchool: Is Film School Worth It in 2011?

  • YouTube & Hollywood: Google is talking to Hollywood talent agencies with plans for YouTube channels on fashion, food, video games, etc. Hollywood makeover for YouTube

  • Do You Own The Rights? Interesting article from the Boston Globe about how a director hired a writer to write a script, and the writer wrote a book instead; who own's the film rights? Legal Thriller

  • Improving Your Online Videos: some suggestions on improving the quality of videocasts. "The content is the most important element, but how you tell the story may be just as important because it can either increase attention span or decrease it." IT.Enquirer: How to publish professional video stories

  • Backside Illumination Sensors: just a couple of years ago Sony came out with their EXMOR back-illuminated sensors, and now others are coming to the party. This article at CNET explains a bit about how they work and what's happening in the industry. CNET: Camera market flipping to new sensor technology and Sony has a web page that explains the technology. SonyExmor R

  • Are you backed up? In light of recent events in Japan, Philip Hodgetts wonders just how prepared for disaster his data is, and recommends off-site backups and other solutions: How Disaster Proof Are You?

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