Thursday, March 31, 2011

Movie Industry News

  • Michigan Film Tax Incentives: Since 2008 Michigan has had one of the most lucrative tax credits (42%) in the nation, but after governor Rick Snyder proposed reducing the credit, production started to pull out of the state: IndieWIRE: Michigan’s Film Incentives Are Leaving. So Are Its Filmmakers.

  • Movie attendance down 20% compared to last year. Is it because of bad movies, or very bad movies, or because people just aren't going to the theater? "...changes in consumer behavior combined with the continued tough economic times, higher gasoline and movie ticket prices (driven in part by more premium-priced 3-D movies) could be drawing people away from theaters..." LATimes: Movie industry hits ticket sales decline on the nose: It's put out some stinkers

  • Higher Frame Rates will improve the 3D experience, and James Cameron is all for that: "It improves (3D)," Landau [Cameron's producing partner] said. "An artifact in 3D (creates) strobing that goes away at higher frame rates. (Strobing) is more noticeable in 3D (than 2D)." [Ummm..Sorry there are so many parenthesis and junk in that quote - Ed] HollywoodReporter: James Cameron, Jon Landau Explore Option to Improve Digital Movie QualityJames Cameron 'Fully Intends' to Make 'Avatar 2 and 3' at Higher Frame Rates

  • 3D Viewers more "Engaged": the Mindlab International team at the Sussex Innovation Centre tested attention and engagement levels of people watching 3D Blu-ray and DVD video, and found the 3D watchers 29% more attentive. [poke me in the eye and I'm more attentive too; doesn't mean I want you to keep doing it - Edpocket-lint: 3D better than 2D, says your brain

  • Cowboyrs & Aliens; Drew McWeeny at HitFix got to see the first 40 minutes of this movie and thinks the director might have got it right: "Obviously, I haven't seen the whole film, but just from the time we spent with the director and based on what he had to say about his vision for the film, I'm feeling confident that it's going to be a serious attempt at adding something to both of those genres." HitFix: Jon Favreau shares 40 minutes of 'Cowboys & Aliens' in edit bay visit

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