Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Panasonic 3D Bit & Pieces

Panasonic 3D Lens & Camcorder
I actually got to see the Panasonic 3D conversion lens (VW-CLT1) at a Best Buy store on the weekend. Unfortunately, the camcorder wasn't working - the battery was flat - but I could actually handle it. It was smaller than I had imagined, so on the front of a small camcorder, it wasn't that unwieldy. It was very plasticy, but that's not exactly surprising.

You can buy the lens with a camcorder right now, but the lens doesn't appear to be available separately yet.
B & H: Panasonic VW-CLT1 3D CONVERSION LENS [$349.99] available for pre-order
B & H: Panasonic HDC-SDT750K [ $974.97] available now

Panasonic thinks 3D TV's have reached critical mass
TechRadar spoke to Panasonic's CTO Eisuke Tsuyuzaki about 3D television. He's optimistic:
"Within North America, the industry shipped some 2 million Full HD 3D enabled televisions after just nine months on the market," he said."This is a significant milestone. It means we have already surpassed what I call the laserdisc threshold. We have already taken 3D from geekdom to an early mass market."
TechRadar: Panasonic CTO: 3D is out of geekdom and into mass market

At the Film Nation Shorts Awards 2010 yesterday, The Sky Creative team talked about how they created the new Panasonic Sky Movies sponsorship ident that is played before each 3D Movie, and @PanasonicUK tweeted some of the advice they passed on:
"Think what your shooting and try and get as many layers in the frame"

"Make sure the space between layers isn't too large"

"Shots of reflections don't work in 3D"

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