Friday, February 25, 2011

Large Sensor Camera News

How Much Would You Pay For The Panasonic AG-AF100?
Cinematographer David Wexler got to use the Panasonic AG-AF100 for a recent one day shoot, and was impressed:
Overall, I was very pleased with the cameras performance. All the on board tools I expected in a video camera were there. The large sensor made a big difference in isolating focus to, “tell a better story”. The micro 4/3rds format on the AG-AF100 seems to be the most readily adaptable on the planet so it is easy to [use] a variety of lenses without modifying the existing mount and voiding any warranties.
Interestingly, he relates that he asked a Panasonic rep why the camera used SD cards rather than P2 cards, and the rep implied that it would have doubled the price of the camera.
ZacutoHow Much Would You Pay For It?

Using The Panasonic AG-AF100
EOSHD spent the day playing with, and comparing the Panasonic AG-AF100 and GH2. There's some interesting observations comparing the - admittedly - very different cameras. One's a professional video camera, while the other is a consumer still's camera that does video; but they are often compared because the chip, electronics and video output are identical/very similar.
The GH2 has more rolling shutter on it's HDMI output than in live view on the LCD, which is strange. What appears to be happening is a bit of line skipping to produce a low resolution live view feed for the LCD, whilst the more sophisticated pixel binning technique is used for HDMI and it's full 1080p obviously, so rolling shutter is worse.
EOSHDAF100 and Voigtlaender 25mm F0.95 hands on

Philip Bloom's DSLR Shooting Tips
CNET Australia has a video interview and tips from Philip.
CNETDSLR film-making with Philip Bloom

Sony NEX-5 Shoot
Matthew Jeppsen writes about a proof of concept shoot done with the Sony NEX-5. The NEX-5 is a still camera that has the same mount and similar - maybe identical - chip and electronics as the NEX-VG10; but it's a lot smaller!
Despite the challenges of working with the camera system (very few manual controls), we think that the finished result turned out pretty well. And I was very impressed with the quality of the Sony Alpha lenses that attached via an E-mount-to-Alpha adapter for the NEX camera.
FreshDVSoccer Girl - A Sony NEX-5 short film

Shooting a fast car with a DSLR
A behind the scenes video with lots of interesting shots of a car. Worth watching for inspiration.

How to shoot a fast car with a DSLR from Martin Steimann on Vimeo.

Affordable Tripods For DSLRs
Caleb Pike at DSLR Video Shooter runs through some different tripods in a fairly extensive video.
DSLRVideoShooterEpisode 012: Finding an Affordable Tripod for DSLR Video Work

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