Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Sony PMW-F3 Preliminary Tests
Timur Civan reports on ISO tests with the new Sony PMW-F3 conducted to look for the noise floor and clipping points of the camera.
in conclusion, some more obvious than others.

consider your absolute work horse iso's 280, 400, 800.

the higher iso's is tolerable according to each person that uses it, but honestly in the biggest of emergencies it's not a disaster if you have to use them. but if you are shooting a feature film, you should be able to light at a 280, and 400 most of to all of the time, and 800 when it's a rushed night/day. and have little to no issues in post.
TimuCivanSony F3 - Preliminary Tests

YouTube to Award $10,000 Grants to Nonprofits
YouTube is running a competition for Nonprofit organization videos:
Beginning today, video submissions will be accepted until March 2, 2011 when a panel of expert judges will select four finalists in each category, which include Best Small Organization Video, Best Medium Organization Video, Best Large Organization Video, and Best Thrifty Video (for videos produced for under $500). 
YouTubeYouTube to Award $10,000 Grants to Nonprofits That Produce the Best Videos

Five Common Focus Puller Mistakes
The Black and Blue blog is back with more tips for focus pulling:
A rack focus done right will be seamless and unnoticeable by the audience. Done wrong, however, and it can attract a lot of unwanted attention. Part of mastering the rack focus is to understand the mood, the pace, and the tone of the scene. It will also largely be determined by the camera move itself.
TheBlackandBlue5 Common Focus Pulling Mistakes

Product Placement in the UK
A new logo has been adopted and must be used on programs in the UK (and Europe) that includes product placement.
The logo has to be shown at the beginning of the programme, and repeated after any advertising break during the programme. It also has to be shown again at the end of the programme.

TV channels don’t have to show the logo on programmes that were originally broadcast outside the UK (for example, a US drama series that is then shown in the UK).
OfcomProduct placement on TV

The Canon 5D Mark II Was A Game Changer At The AP
It's easy to forget that the video capability of the 5D Mark II was originally inserted at the request of the AP (and other news organizations) who were looking for the ability to shoot short video clips to put up on the web. Kevin Roach, AP's VP for Broadcast News talks to Beet.TV.
Beet.TVA Canon Still Camera is a "Game Changer" for Video Journalism, the AP's Kevin Roach

Interview with director Gregg Bishop
The Bitter Script Reader interviews director Gregg Bishop:
There are several routes you can take to become a professional filmmaker & no one is better than the other. However, I firmly believe that you can read all the books and attend whatever classes you want, but the best way to learn filmmaking is by doing it. Learn by doing. If you want to direct, borrow a camera and direct something.
TheBitterScriptReader: Interview with director Gregg Bishop - Part I: Making a $15,000 feature film

The 50 Greatest Film Titles
A lists of the greatest film titles, includes a description and YouTube clips. The "Touch of Evil" (#3) opening is curious because Wells wanted to remove the credits from the famous crane shot.
IFC: The 50 Greatest Opening Title Sequences of All Time

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