Friday, February 25, 2011

News From Here & There

Product Reviews
  • Sorenson Squeeze 7 Joe Herman reviews the latest release of this compression tool and recommends it for those who do a lot of compression work.
    NYCProdcutionNews: Sorenson Squeeze 7

  • Zacuto Z-Finder: Erik Hecht consider's this viewfinder a DSLR user essential:
    ChaseJarvisBlog: Erik’s HDSLR Video Essentials: the Zacuto Z-Finder

  • Focus 35 Skater Dolly: Ron Risman reviews this inexpensive skater dolly from Focus 35, which looks suspiciously like the skateboard dolly design that several people have produced (I even managed to construct one myself!)
    Cameratown: Focus35 Rotation 360 Skater Dolly Review
    NotesOnVideo: DIY Slider Dolly

    And if you're really adventurous, Greg Royar shows how he created an automated slider based on an Igus slider in this video:
    Vimeo: DIY Automated Timelapse/Slider

Making Movies

  • Panasonic pre-announces professional solutions prior to NAB, including a new AVCCAM Importer that eliminates the need to convert AVCHD ".mts" files to ProRES422 files before editing in Final Cut Pro.
    BroadcastingCable: Panasonic Unveils Pre-NAB Product Plans

  • This is what an Editor does: 25 days of editing work compressed into 3 minutes. It's a bit like watching that guys six years of photo's of himself.
    ProVideoCoalition: Time lapse of a Television Editor

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