Thursday, April 01, 2010

RODE University - On-Air Broadcast microphones

nThose who do podcasts or record narration tracks might want to check out the latest installment from the RODE University, which shows three On-Air mics; the large diaphragm condenser $419 Broadcaster, the dynamic cardiod $229 Procaster and the USB cardiod $229 Podcaster (essentially a USB version of the Procaster).
RODE Podcaster

If you're thinking of getting either of these mics, jump to about half way through the video where there's samples of the Broadcaster and Procaster recorded in a radio station's studio. Unfortunately, the Podcaster - which they do say performs the same way as the Procaster - is then demoed in a completely different environment, making it difficult to compare with the other two.

Sound wise; I liked the sound of the Broadcaster better than the Procaster; it sounded a bit brighter and clearer to my ears. Whether it's worth the extra $200 is debatable.

A note about USB mics: I have a Samson USB mic (which coast about half the cost of the Podcaster, so I'm not saying it's as good) and frankly while it doesn't require the extra USB I/O box that regular mics require, I don't find it any easier to manage and work with when connected to the computer. I seem to have more driver issues with the USB mic. But using one means there's one less piece of gear to drag about, which is useful if you're going on-location, but not so much if you only record at home.

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