Thursday, April 01, 2010

Drop testing your lens

The intrepid investigators (I use that term loosely because anything else I came up with was too derogatory) came up with the idea or dropping a Canon 50mm f1.8 on a concrete floor to see how it would stand up. They claimed it was a "valid test for cinema applications."  Say what?!

Seriously, why not drop the Canon 5D instead? Now that would have been valid!

Given the height they dropped it - and on to a concrete floor - I wonder whether even an L lens would have survived?

Of course, the real reason for dropping it; it only costs $100.

And they actually got some interesting Lensbaby-like results; though maybe it would be better - and more predictable - to just buy the $100 Lensbaby. Agreed, part of the effect they seemed to be getting was by completely separating the lens front from the lens back, causing it to occlude much of the image. jump to the very end to see some sample video. That's the most interesting part!

Cinema5D: Canon EF II 50mm f1.8 Drop Test

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