Friday, April 02, 2010

Minor iPad news

It's one day until launch and the excitement is building...I've already spent about $60 on apps in the iTunes store, and am trying to cut back!

I ordered Apple's carrying case the same day as the iPad, and just got an email saying it was shipping; but it's not due for delivery until the 7th.

The only specifically video related apps I've found (and I haven't bought either yet) is:

SMPTE Score HD ($1.99) can calculate all relationship combinations of: SMPTE timecode, Tempo (beats per minute) and Score length (written measures).

prompterPad ($4.99) seems to let you enter text, set the size and the scroll speed and it will scroll through automatically. There doesn't seem to be any control other than speed; it would be great if there was a start stop app that worked on the iPhone!

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