Monday, March 29, 2010

Sony NX5 Video review

Philip Johnston at HD Warrior has put together a video review of the Sony HXR-NX5. He does a very complete tour of the camera, goes through some of the functions and includes some sample footage. And there's some impressive product shots too; Sony would be proud (and should maybe pay him!)

I'm not as excited about the SD computability as he is; had it been Memory Stick only it wouldn't stop me from buying one; what's ~$40 more on a $4,000 camera? And I don't know if I like the low angle webcam video he used for himself, but that's a quibble.

He talks about using the camera with a PMW350, which is 4 times the NX5, and that "it's not a kick in the pants away" (translation please? - We think it means 'close') I'd have been interested in a little more comments about that, but it's still useful.

And one question; How'd he do the frozen windshield wiper? That's a cool shot!!

HD Warrior: SONY NX-5 User Video Review

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