Friday, May 03, 2013

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| Jonah Kessel | News Shooter
It does have things that aren’t perfect about it but, for me, the benefits far outweigh the negatives by an enormous margin. While the C300 is without doubt a better camera, I’m not convinced its the best camera for people like me.

How to get sound from the Canon 5D Mk III to the Ninja 2 | Hireacamera | Vimeo
Unlike most camcorders, the 5D Mk III with its new Firmware update doesn't export the sound digitally through the HDMI. Here we show you how to get around this and what you need to watch out for.

GUESTS: Kanen Flowers, Jessica Sitomer, Paul Korver, and Gary Symons
Digital Production Buzz

  • Shooting “Hero Punk” with Blackmagic Cameras
  • Get Your Career Back on Track
  • Cinelicious Loves Film Restoration and 4K!
  • Apps and Hardware for Mobile Journalists

Words of Advice from a Master: Ridley Scott | Vincent Laforet
Ridley Scott has filmed quite a few of my favorite films – namely what is very likely my favorite film:  Blade Runner.  His background in art direction, his eye and its palette for color and light are exquisite:  Black Hawk Down is a perfect example of that.

Oblivion discussion panel, with Claudio Miranda, ASC, DIT Alex Carr, and Technicolor David Waters. Hosted by Jon Fauer, ASC | Sony Professional | Vimeo
Academy Award winner Claudio Miranda, ASC, and accomplished Digital Imaging Technician Alex Carr discussed their experiences shooting Universal Pictures, Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise. Learn the digital workflow and Cinematography techniques used to create this major motion picture.

Creating the Look: Woods – Part 2: Primary Color Correction – DaVinci Resolve 9
| Blackmagic
Intended for beginners, this series of tutorials walks you through creating a look in DaVinci Resolve 9.1 using multiple nodes. Topics covered include working with nodes, setting primary color correction, using secondary color correction, adding a power window, and using the tracker in DaVinci Resolve.

NAB 2013: Rodney Charters, ASC | NextWaveDV
We sit down with Rodney Charters, ASC and discuss how he got started as a Director of Photography, projects he’s worked on, lighting tools he uses and his thoughts on 4K.

New Thoughts on the Mac Pro | Larry Jordan
On numerous occasions, I’ve had reassurance from Apple that a new Mac Pro is “coming later this year.” But what that new computer will look like or do, is totally unknown. It is clear to me, however, that it will be totally different from the Mac Pro we know now.

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