Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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The Druid City: Interview with Kristyn Ulanday and Max Esposito | Michael Murie
| Filmmaker Magazine
Esposito: We both felt like we weren’t telling some of the stories that we thought we would be telling when we got out of journalism school. We decided one of the ways to find and tell those stories would be to drive around the country and go off the beaten path and really look for them.

New Firmware v1.13 for Sony PMW-F5 & PMW-F55 | CineTechnica
In case you missed it over the weekend, Sony has released firmware version 1.13 for both the F5 & F55. Along with a few bug fixes, this update also includes much-requested features like adjustable Exposure Index (EI) while shooting Raw, and remote start/stop trigger. 

Shane Hurlbut ReturnsdoddleTALKS Tech
Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut, ASC, returns to doddleTALKS Tech to discuss how he approached selecting cameras for his new film Need for Speed, and by testing those cameras, how he found that they had their own unique digital emulsion.

Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler "Backyard Review" | Anticipate Media | Vimeo
I recently received the new Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler which is a single rail ultra portable crane/jib no bigger than a slider, weighs only 5.5 lbs, is made of metal, condenses to 26" in one piece, and that extends past 5 feet in length. I decided when I was stuck at home with no vehicle one day to take it for a spin in the backyard for a quick video review. I received requests from so many listeners of the NeedCreative Podcast to do one, hence this "Backyard Review", a video supplement to said Podcast.

"The Changing Landscape" (with Philip Bloom) | Need Creative Podcast
In this 44th episode of the NeedCreative Podcast, your host Paul Antico is joined regular correspondent Ben Consoli to interview very special returning guest, Philip Bloom. Hailing from the UK, Skype managed to make Philip sound very far and then extremely close as the show went on, which is just the way we felt as we went through a journey of fantastic subjects with Philip, who has been in this business for a very long time.

Sony’s Action Cams Get a Firmware Boost: Now Sport 60P Video
| The Photoblographer
Also, new accessories:
The major new features are 1080p 60P video shooting (which means that you’ll be able to slow it down a lot in post) and a mode change that can be done via their PlayMemories app. However, that feature is coming in June.

How We Did It: SNL "Bathroom Businessman" | Alex Buono
Since most of this script takes place inside a bathroom stall, my director, Rhys Thomas, decided right away that we’d have to build the stall on stage rather than try to shoot on location.  A real stall is just too small and impractical; we needed to get a camera inside the stall, which meant pulling the stall apart.  Once we pulled the trigger on a set build, we decided to build the office on stage, too.  

A quick roundup of April's best free Final Cut Pro X tutorials |
With not much news on a quiet Monday, we thought that it was a good opportunity to take a look at the best free Final Cut Pro X tutorials that have been published this month.

In the first of our discussion panels, originally streamed live from the Teradek booth at NAB2013, Matt Allard hosts Andy Shipsides from Abel Cine, Jason Wingrove, and Paul Schnieder as they discuss the question ‘is DSLR Video dead?’ With the growth of cameras such as the C300, Epic and Blackmagic, cinematographers are moving away from the DSLR, but does the EOS 5D still have a use?

In the second of our discussion panels, originally streamed live from the Teradek booth at NAB2013, Dan Chung hosts a panel to discuss the current trends in documentary shooting and how to make a living doing it. The panel includes documentary filmmaker Jared Abrams from Wide Open Camera, Chinese Producer/Director Yi Han, Andrea Allen from Vimeo, Steve Weiss from Zacuto and Jem Schofield from theC47.

Why the time for 4K has come | Sony
What is really making filmmakers sit up and take note is that they are beginning to understand how 4K can work for them. They are realizing how ultra high resolution images can provide viewers with a more immersive and compelling viewing experience. 4K also gives them more flexibility. Single shooters in particular, delivering on HD or even SD, now have the ability to generate multiple shots from one camera position by cropping into their 4K images. 

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