Thursday, May 02, 2013

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Canon 5D Mk III Firmware with Atomos Ninja 2 | LensProToGo | Vimeo
In this video, we take an initial look at the new Canon 5D Mk III Firmware teamed up with the Atomos Ninja 2.

Canon 5D Mark III finally gets a clean HDMI out…. | Den Lennie | F-Stop Academy
The new update from Canon means you can finally record a clean HDMI out and record to an Atomos Ninja 2 – this means you can shoot in ProRes 422 albeit 8 bit. The fact is when Canon released the 5D MArk III the new CODECS were a vast improvement on the old h.264 that we all had to deal with on teh 5D Mark II and 7d.

3.5k Canon 5D Mark III raw video with Magic Lantern and latest updates | EOSHD
These past days I’ve been trying to make myself useful to Alex at Magic Lantern, testing the DNG raw video recording on the 5D Mark III with a nightly build of Magic Lantern.Here’s what the video quality looks like in the DNG video modes at 30fps.

Making Digital Video Look Film-like | Mastering Film
One of the first exercises in the process of making video look film-like is to deinterlace. Interlacing is the process in which lines, known as fields, are drawn for every frame of video. NTSC DV and 60i HD have a frame rate of 30 or 29.97 fps. PAL DV and 50i HD has a frame rate of 25 fps.

Problems Uploading to YouTube From Final Cut Pro X | Larry's Blog
In early April, Google changed the APIs that control uploading to YouTube. These changes broke all automated upload systems – meaning uploads originating anywhere except a Browser – including Final Cut Pro X.

The Changing Economics of Hollywood Script Rewrites | The Hollywood Reporter
Writers received a mere $500 each to sit with Cohen for an hour and bounce ideas off the star. That's a far cry from the $250,000-a-week sum a studio might pay one of Hollywood's top-tier scribes for a production rewrite

The World According to Steven: Insights from Soderbergh (with video)
| Film Society of Lincoln Center
“Cinema is under assault,” Steven Soderbergh told an audience in San Francisco over the weekend. He said that the Hollywood studios are to blame and that moviegoers are their accomplices. "Fewer and fewer executives in the industry love movies,” 

Creator of the Steadicam will be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame on May 1st | The Verge
Garrett Brown, who created the original Steadicam rig in 1972, recently told NPR that he decided to create the device because he loved the stable look that could be achieved when using dollies to move a camera, but found them awkward and cumbersome.

Robert Moog, EDM pioneer, inducted into Inventors Hall of Fame
| Los Angeles Time
If you’ve listened to any music in the last 48 years, chances are you’re familiar with the Moog Ladder Filter, whether you know it or not. Idiot savants might know the invention by its government identifier: Patent No. 3475623.

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