Monday, April 29, 2013

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“How Do You Get Anybody to See It?” Paul Schrader on Taxi Driver and 21st Century Filmmaking | Filmmaker Magazine
“The new technology allows people to make films very, very cheaply, but it also unhinges the vital connection that has existed for over 100 years between capitalism and motion pictures.” Filmmakers are now free, he explains, to “make movies the same way you can make poetry, songs, paintings. You can make it for no money.” 

Magic Lantern Team Discovers 2K RAW Video Capability on the 5D Mark II and III
| PetaPixel
In what may very well be the most exciting Magic Lantern development ever, the team has discovered a RAW DNG output in live view on the 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III. What this means is that, in the near future, 5D Mark II and III owners may be able to record crystal clear 2K RAW video that blows H.264 output out of the water and then some.

The Canon 1D C review | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
The 1D C is a frustrating camera and I want to fall in love with her, but she happens to be a pain. You can’t have a camera review without a car analogy too, so it’s like having a Ferrari engine in a hover craft. It should really be in a car. Did that work!?

Canon 5D Mark III uncompressed HDMI sample footage | EOSHD
On whether it is really 4:2:2 colour sampled as Canon claim I have my doubts. I don’t see any difference to the internal recording to suggest 4:2:2 and I doubt the sensor is sampling 4:2:2 from high resolution in video mode like a C300.

Shooting And Editing Canon Log With The C300 And C100 | Erik Naso
Here is the plan. I’m working on breaking down this and one more spot from shooting to editing them. The second spot was also shot in Canon log but I used the Canon C100 as well. I didn’t have the Canon C300 yet and rented the C100 for a week to try it out when it was first available to rent.

Time Lapse Intro: Part I | Vincent Laforet
I was commissioned to do a Time Lapse Tutorial series late last year that was just recently published by Canon and people really seem to be enjoying it so I thought I would share it on this blog as well. You can find the first video below and then go to Canon’s site for the remaining episodes.  

Have Aaton Gone Out of Businesscinescopophilia
We have been contacted by someone that has direct contact with Aaton on commercial and personal levels, and they have revealed it is indeed a bleak outlook for Aaton for the immediate future.

Nathaniel Hansen: A documentarian ready to learn from his ‘Elders.’
| Boston Globe
AMONG THE MANY outstanding documentaries in the 2013 Independent Film Festival of Boston, Nathaniel Hansen’s The Elders stands out as both commonplace and remarkable. It consists of interviews with ordinary people, ranging in age from their 70s to their 90s, and confirms the truism that with old age comes wisdom — and a lot of great stories.

Finally good news: Sony doubled its profit forecast! | Sony Alpha Rumors
Sony had “luck” because the depreciation of the yen helped them out. Also the financial service division had a stronger performance than expected. 

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