Saturday, October 06, 2012

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Working With Canon Log | Andy Shipsides | AbelCine
Recently I have been getting a number of questions about Log mode in the Canon C300, which is great because that means that many of us are using this mode. However, there are some really important things to know before jumping in. Canon has recently published a white paper on Canon Log that is full of great info. It’s not exactly light reading, however, so I’ll try to outline some of the important information about Canon’s Log curve in this blog.

Nikon Says BBC Approves D4 & D800 DSLR Cameras, But Is That Right
| Cinescopophilia
Maybe the Nikon DSLR's aren't BBC approved:
Nikon have boldly announced that their flagship DSLR cameras the D4 and D800 have been tested by Alan Roberts the former BBC tech big wig and they have been deemed broadcast approved, but are they? While Alan Roberts did appear to rate the Nikon D4 saying “The results were encouraging” and “Exposure range is, potentially, as high as 13 stops.” Alan’s conclusion of the Nikon D800 clearly states “This camera cannot be recommended for serious programme-making."

How To Build A Rain Machine | Raj Khepar | DIY Photography
Neat! How to make a Rain Machine: I want to do it; but I need a project first....
Now using a hosepipe and a hell of allot of zip/cable ties I simply spiraled out from the center trying to keep it fairly even distance between them. After trimming the zip ties I started making the holes; Bare in mind that in order for it to look natural as rain, it has to spray upwards and then fall at gravities pace. To start with, based on information gleaned from the internet I used a tiny drill bit and drilled them. This was a terrible idea.  instead use a spike, like a pin...

Litepanels Intellectual Property Statement | Litepanels
Litepanels releases a statement about their patent litigation:
Litepanels filed for patent protection of its technology when we first began developing the application of LED for use in the media/creative arts of film, television and photography. We do not own patents on all LED technology. In fact, our patents specifically refer to the application of full spectrum, white LEDs for image capture in those mediums. Litepanels lighting products also include a number of preexisting technologies for which we pay licensing fees to the owners of those patents. We seek similar licensing agreements with companies that wish to use our intellectual property.

Interview with Nino Leitner at Photokina 2012 | Oliver Eberhardt / FilmDuene
| Vimeo
In this interview the austrian DoP Nino Leitner gives some interesting insights about the Black Magic Cinema Cam, problems with raw workflow and new developments on the camera market.

Chris Fenwick Talks Final Cut Pro X on Crossing the 180 (X180-085)
| Dare Dreamer

Today we have part 2 of my conversation with veteran editor Chris Fenwick. This week’s show is all about Final Cut Pro X and Chris’s take on the program as a Non-Linear Editor. But more than that, he really gives some poignant advice about how to look at the industry as a whole. From learning new gear and new programs, to adapting to change, to the things the FCPX does well, those it doesn’t, and some great insight into other NLEs.

Five Camera Kit Essentials For $5 | Jared Abrams | WideOpenCamera
Five useful little things:
Twist Jar Opener. This can work as a follow focus, a zoom stick or help remove a stuck filter. These are great all around tools to have in your kit.

The Cineped: Full 360° Rotatable Slider | Shane Hurlbut | Hurlblog
The Cineped is a full 360° rotatable slider with a carrying capacity of 95 lbs that can mount Mitchell or ball mount tripod heads on top of it. It is sturdy, versatile, and portable and can be mounted on top of a set of Mitchell sticks, on a Fisher dolly, or on the Quatro 4 legged camera support system. We have been testing the Cineped with the Quatro support. Even with a large camera system, it produced smooth movement.

Review: Edelkrone Focus One Pro, EVF & Monitor Holder | Tony Reale
| NextWaveDV
The Focus One Pro works as well as a follow focus should: you turn the focus handle and it rotates the focus barrel of your lens. Pretty simple. But where it separates itself from other models is in its marking disk design and adjustability. Having the marking disk facing the camera op makes pulling focus much more optimized for a single shooter.

Sony PMW-200 | Boguslaw Spala | Vimeo
My first 10 min with Sony PMW-200. And short low light test vs Sony PMW-EX1R. Both camcorders - FULL AUTO MODE.

Sony Big Air Triples POV Competition | Sony | YouTube
Thousands of fans hit the iconic Venice Beach boardwalk last week to watch 18 of the world's best BMX and skateboarding pros compete in the Sony Big Air Triples -- a collaboration between Sony and ASA Entertainment to launch Sony's new point-of-view video camera, the Action Cam. We bring you the exclusive POV footage from the athlete competition.

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