Monday, October 01, 2012

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Review: GoPro HD HERO2 | Steve Douglas | LAFCPUG
Positive review of the new GoPro Hero 2:
This new camera version is no slight improvement. It is a major upgrade in all ways and areas highlighted by its new, faster and larger sensor and its wonderful new menu which makes utilizing the GoPro HERO2 an extremely useful filming tool. As I alluded to earlier, the GoPro HERO2 beats all competitors in this niche of camcorder/cameras hands down.

No Concessions: Digital Disaster at the New York Film Festival | Bob Cashill
| PopDose
Digital projection problems at the New York Film Festival:
It had been a trying day: apparently a DCP of a Mexican film shown in the afternoon, Here and There, was plagued by intermittent subtitles that were here and there for half an hour until the problem was fixed. That was nothing compared to this utter fiasco, however. Has a festival presentation ever been cancelled due to a mechanical glitch? Not in the film cans days that I can recall.

This Killing Business: A Feature Film Case Study | Chris Portal | Blog
Federico Muchnik, a Boston based director and producer, who recently completed his feature film debut, This Killing Business, was a recent guest at Rule Boston’s Learning Lab Series, presenting a 2 hour case study on his experience developing, shooting, editing, and the currently in process effort to distribute his feature.

Are we still taking the DSLR seriously for video? | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
Philip really likes the look of the Sony A99,  and thinks it puts Canon's C100 to shame (amongst other cameras):
Will this be any better than a Canon C100 at two times the cost of the A99, sadly I think the A99 will out perform the C100, I have seen the AVCHD 1080 50p picture from an A77 and it was fantastic so with a better full frame sensor the A99 will give spectacular shallow depth of field pictures, this is the DSLR Canon should have given you two years ago.

PlaZma Light – Coming Spring 2013 | Zacuto
Zacuto announces expected shipping date for a new LED light:
Steve and Jens, in their quest for perfection, are working on increasing the already high output level, CRI and conducting intensive testing to make sure the PlaZma Light is at the Zacuto standards level. 4th generation production models are being tested daily at Zacuto. Several units have run at full power for 60 days without interruption, drop testing & accessory testing is also being conducted. The PlaZma Light should be in production supply in January 2013

After Effects: Copy and Paste Shortcuts | Motionworks
In this Prosential tip for After Effects, guest host Travis Wade demonstrates some must-know shortcuts for copying and pasting.

Stop buying expensive wine | Chris Berdik | Salon
While this is about buying wine, some accepts of it apply to buying other things:
While marketers spend billions crafting the emotional appeals of labels and brands, prices are just numbers. Nevertheless, they are powerful preference makers. Specifically, we often assume that more expensive goods are better. Behavioral economists call this the price-quality heuristic. It’s based partly on the assumption that price gauges demand by rational consumers.

The Wingeater | Dragon Frame
A look at a stop motion movie from Nicole Emmons:
Production was a true labor of love, literally. I was very fortunate to work with a group of talented people that kindly donated their time and dedication to the project. The live action section featuring actress Catherine Strecker, was shot by Helder K. Sun on a Fries Mitchell 35MM camera using Zeiss Primes lenses that were rented from Ken Stone Camera in Frazier Park, California.


Adventures in Long Form, Learning Lab at Rule Boston Camera, Oct 3
From the North Pole to Miami Beach, Mark Chesak has edited TV documentaries for adventure sports, reality TV and investigative journalism for 15 years. At today's Learning Lab, Mark will share editorial tips and tricks for wrangling thousands of hours of footage and hundreds of Avid Bins in Media Composer 6.5 and beyond.

BOSCPUG Visual Storytellers: "Big Top Without Borders" And "Subscription", Oct 11
Featuring an engaging evening with Bestor Cram, Producer Susan Gray, Cinematographer Jesse Beecher of Northern Light Productions and and Boston Globe Journalist and Co-Producer Linda Matchan on BIG TOP WITHOUT BORDERS, also featuring filmmaker Norman Lang and Screenwriter Mark Pollina for a screening conversation on SUBSCRIPTION

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