Friday, October 05, 2012

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NEX-EA50 Review. Great Value For The Money | Alister Chapman | XDCAM User
A generally favorable review of the new Sony NEX-EA50, and some comments about the new zoom lens that it comes with:
The pre-production unit I played with had a tendency to shift the image left and right as you alternated between zooming in and zooming out and if you used manual focus there would be some small shifts in the focus through the zoom range. I’ve had quite a few discussions with Sony about this lens and I think you do need to be realistic. This lens has been built to meet the demand from end users for a cheap servo zoom for large sensor cameras. 

Advanced Green Screen | Matt Schwarz | Vimeo Video School
Last time we took a look at the fundamentals of using a green screen. Now we've taken those skills to the next level and used them in an all new Vimeo original, where Casey Donahue gets thrown off our building without actually putting him in harm's way. Our all around favorite editor, motion designer, and fastest man alive Bill Bergen shows us the steps:

Sony PMW-200: An interview with Sony product specialist David Young at Pro Motion Hire | YouTube
Pro Motion Hire invite Sony's product specialist David Young into their office to talk about the PMW-200 over a cup of coffee and some cake. We posed questions to David from our clients in this informal and very interesting chat with Pro Motion's Malcolm Jeffries. Shot on a Sony PMW-200 and Sony PMW-500 to show how well the cameras cut together, we have left this footage ungraded as a physical example of what is being spoken about.

Analysis: YouTube alienates amateur users by courting pros | Gerry Shih | Reuters
The tweaks, which lowered the number of overall views across the site but boosted the average time viewers spent in each video, prompted many of YouTube's amateur providers to cry foul, arguing that the move favored longer, professionally produced content. 

Nikon D4 & D800 - first DSLR cameras fit for broadcast | MyNikonLife
Interesting report, though some of the reports of BBC acceptance/denial of certain cameras can be difficult to confirm:
Nikon’s pro range reaches new heights this week as the D4 and D800 have opened an important door into the professional video broadcasting market. Both models have become the first DSLR cameras to pass the very elaborate European Broadcasting Union (EBU) test, commonly referred to as the BBC Test.

Shooting a Spec Commercial for BMW | Markus Braun | Dare Dreamer
The writer decided to make a spec commercial. This article is interesting because it talks mostly about the work involved, though it's unclear whether the effort was worth it; other than to have something to add to your reel (which is not necessarily a bad thing.)
The most striking thing that happened to me while making this film is connected to the search for the right music. I got to the Free Music Archive, a platform on the internet that offers music under creative commons licences. I found this cool artist, named Carsie Blanton, who wrote the song “Idiot Heart”, which seemed to fit perfectly to my film and to the mood I wanted to create

The Coming H.265 Wave: What it Means for Businesses | Randon Morford
| Streaming Media Magazine
Note: Randon Morford is the director of desktop and core technology development at Sorenson Media,
HEVC has the potential to deliver the same resolutions at half the data rate of H.264. This creates new opportunities in the video chain that don't exist with H.264. Content distributors can deliver 1080p video while maintaining the same storage constraints, or they can maintain 480p and 720p resolutions and cut their storage needs in half.

Digital Convergence Episode 93: The Tomorrow | Podcast
Today’s show is devoted to answering some of our listeners questions. Chris goes in deep with his techniques on shooting and editing an interview. There are some good practical tips in this lively discussion.

Meizler Module | RED Digital Cinema | Vimeo
A look at this module for the RED camera which adds a lot of functionality:
Along with an array of popular connections and ports, the Meizler Module features wireless video, audio and timecode transmission - eliminating clutter and crowded accessories. Proxy recording and focus/iris/zoom control also top the list of Meizler features, making it RED's most advanced module yet. With the introduction of the new REDsync app, you'll be able to change metadata, add notes, and slate with timecode using your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch device

10 TED Talks for Filmmakers | FilmmakerIQ
This collection of 10 TED Talks for filmmakers includes, Rob Legato on special effects, Kirby Ferguson on Remix, Andrew Stanton on story, JJ Abrams, James Cameron, Elizabeth Gilbert on tapping your inner genius, Kevin Allocca on why YouTube videso go Viral, Amy Tan on Creativity, Tiffany Shlain on Crowd source Filmmaking, and Erik Johansson on Photo manipulation.

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