Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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Gear Comparo: GoPro Hero2 vs Sony Action Cam - Video Recording Modes
| Kevin Huggins | Vimeo
The Sony Action Cam definitely seems bluer which looks better in the sky, but not so good in other situations:
3. I have had my GoPro Hero2 for about a year and I've used it about a half dozen times. I was attracted to it for its 120fps, but at SD resolution it isn't great. I was hoping for much better things with the Sony Action Cam especially since it has 120fps at 720p HD. The 120fps looks better in the Action Cam than the Hero2, but that's to be expected since it does have better resolution at that frame rate. However, from the comparisons of the other video settings, I am not too sure the Action Cam is any better than the Hero 2.

7 Reasons Why Black Magic Rules – and DSLR is Done | Facundo Campos
| Raindance Canada
2) Dynamic Range is in the Details: 13 Stop Dynamic Range
[...] Black Magic has such wide dynamic range that it can see the details in the shadows and the highlights, meaning that shot would’ve come out perfectly exposed, with the details in the windows evident.

Getting started with the Blackmagic Camera raw in Davinci Resolve | Dan Moran
| Philip Bloom
My friend and excellent colourist from Smoke and Mirrors (and formerly BMD), Dan Moran has done a fantastic getting-started tutorial with Resolve for free. It’s great info and really helpful. If you feel this was useful please show your thanks for Dan by using the new tipjar feature on vimeo.  You need to visit the actual page here to do that…click the title on the video or the link below to do this…

Nesting in Adobe Premiere Pro | Clay Asbury | Premiumbeat
A common use of nesting in Premiere Pro is to combine a series of short sequences into one master sequence.  This is especially useful if you’re working with a long-format project (multiple acts for instance) or a project that naturally falls into different sections (perhaps a series of interviews).  By doing each section in it’s own nested sequence the project may become more manageable.

Why I have moved over to Adobe Premiere CS6 from Final Cut 7 | Philip Bloom
Since getting CS6, I have been sinking my teeth into it and found it incredibly rewarding and exactly what I needed FCP to become. It’s also better for mac users without Nvidia cards as the Open CL means we can get the Mercury Engine working on non-Nvidia graphics cards. Multi-format timelines with NO TRANSCODING? Brilliant!

Preliminary Recommendation WIN For Litepanels LED Lighting Case
| Cinescopophilia
More on the Litepanels court case:
So what does the preliminary recommendation mean?The recommended general exclusion order suggests stopping the importation of all LED photographic lighting devices and components that breach Litepanels patents instead of just LED lighting devices and components manufactured by the respondents.

Ep. 15 - Collaboration (with Rick Macomber) | Need Creative Podcast
The latest episode of the Need Creative podcast is out:
In this 15th episode of the NeedCreative Podcast, your co-hosts Paul Antico and Jason Sidelinger were joined via Skype by now regular guest Rick Macomber of Macomber Productions and CBS to discuss the past week's events in indie filmmaking and technology and to discuss the important topic of Collaboraton. 

FCP X: Travel Matte | Larry Jordan | Blog
In Final Cut 7, it takes four layers to achieve this affect. In Motion, it takes, essentially, one mouse click. So, this week, I set myself the goal of creating this effect in Final Cut Pro X. It wasn’t as simple as I expected, but we can get there – and there are a lot of interesting effects to learn along the way.

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