Saturday, January 28, 2012

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*UPDATE* 5D Mark III – February 7, 2012 [CR2] | CanonRumors
The rumors of a Canon 5D Mark III announcement are getting more frantic!
A few more people have mentioned February 7, 2012 as the announcement date for the 5D Mark III. The sources are good, though I am waiting for the definitive word on the matter.

It’s mentioned that Canon will also announce new PowerShot cameras, a new Legria camcorder and Selphy printer(s).

Nikon D4 or Canon 1DX? Comparison | Fenchel Janisch | YouTube
A side-by-side video comparison of the two cameras:
Second test with the Canon EOS-1D X and the Nikon D4: In this video comparison we tested the low light capabilities of the upcoming pro cameras!

Lenses on both cameras: Sigma 50mm F/1.4 + Sigma 85mm F/1.4
Settings on both cameras:
ISO 1600
Aperture F/2 + F/2.8
Shutter speed 1/50s

Adobe Prelude Previewed and Promises Color Grading | Twitter
Adobe was at last nights SuperMeet in San Francisco, and mentioned plans for Color Grading in CS6, as well as demonstrating Prelude for logging and transcoding:
#Adobe #Prelude Logs, annotates, transcodes, exports! #CS6 #FCPUG #Supermeet

FCPUG to CPUG, The Creative Pro User User | Twitter
And at yesterday's SuperMeet the FCPUG announced a name change to The Createive Pro User Group. This is hardly surprising given that the BOSFCPUG had already dropped the F!
Mike and Dan (@lafcpug and @bosfcpug) announce name change from #FCPUG to #CPUG, The Creative Pro User User Group...

The importance of being agnostic… with cameras | Chris Marino
| WideOpenCamera
Chris argues that all the different cameras are now the equivalent of the different film stocks of old. Which is an okay analogy, except that it was a lot easier to change film stocks back when you had film cameras than it is to switch from the PMW-F3 to the C300; unless you only rent your cameras:
This brings us back to the question at hand. What is the best? Digital sensors are our film stocks of today. Find out for yourself and test, test, test. Each new digital medium has its benefits and drawbacks.

Tangent Element panels are now shipping | Scott Simmons | ProVideoCoalition
A $3,495 color control panel that doesn't currently support DaVinci Resolve:
Word came out today from Tangent Devices that the first Element panels are now shipping. If you don’t remember the Element is Tangent’s newest color grading control panel that uses a modular design that is four separate pieces that can be purchased separately. They are designed to work together to make a more full featured panel than the Wave with trackballs and rings, knobs and buttons and transport controls if the buyer so desires.

Adobe Panel At Sundance - How Technology Is Influencing Stoytelling And Film
| Adobe TV
An hour long video of a panel with Rob Legato, Jacob Rosenberg, and Vincent Laforet.
Our first panel at Sundance 2012 featured talented panelists and filmmakers Rob Legato, Jacob Rosenberg, and Vincent Laforet; the panel was moderated by Sharlto Copley. The panelists shared insights on how technology and tools have impacted the way they create films and tell stories.

Creating a Redrock Micro DSLR hand held rig for under $450 | Kurt Lancaster
| DSLR Cinema and Video Journalism
How to put together an inexpensive rig; though personally, I don't like rigs that you rest on your chest, and if you haven't used one before I'd try one out before buying:
If you’re like most independent filmmakers, you’ve purchased gear for HD video cameras. Now that the HDSLR cinema revolution has hit the market, for many of us we’re being encouraged to purchase new equipment for HDSLRs. I’ve purchased plenty of new gear, but I’ve hesitated on getting a handheld/shoulder mount adapter put out by such companies as Redrock Micro and Zacuto to name just two.

EXCLUSIVE: Hands on Review- Rokinon 8mm f2.8 Fisheye (Sony NEX)
| The Phoblographer
An 8mm lens for the Sony E-Mount cameras:
The Rokinon 8mm f2.8 is not only a small lens, but it’s super light and very well balanced with the Sony NEX 5n. In fact, it feels like it was designed to be used with the camera. When in the hand, it feels so much like an old vintage SLR camera with its small aesthetics and size.

Woody Allen talks 'Midnight in Paris' | Making Of | YouTube
Audio interview with Woody Allen:
In this roundtable discussion director and screen writer Woody Allen talks about shooting in paris, and working with Owen Wilson.

Canon C300 Unboxing | Vimeo
Some fun for the weekend; unboxing the Canon C300:

Canon C300 Unboxing from Texas Media Systems on Vimeo.

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