Friday, January 27, 2012

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Thoughts on the Canon EOS 1DX | KarelDonk | Blog
A look at the expected EOS 1DX, from a photographers point of view:
For the last 4 years I’ve been bashing Canon here on my blog for their poor quality control, poor product releases (50D, 5D Mark II, 7D, 60D) and questionable business practices (5D Mark II, 50mm f/1.2L). I’ve also often mentioned how it seemed like Canon was out of touch with the market
Meanwhile, rumors are flying thick and fast about an impending 5D Mark III. Who will cancel their order for the C300 if Canon announces a 5D Mark III?!
CanonRumors | 5D Mark III Brief Specs? [CR1]

Panasonic's HDC-Z10000 Is A Pro Camcorder Contender | Ned Soltz |
The HDC-Z10000 [$3,325] is a surprisingly inexpensive, semi-pro, 3D camcorder and Ned seems to like it:
Before discussing the other features of the camera, I will note that it helped me out of a potentially disastrous situation. I was shooting a pro bono event for a non-profit and intended to use two cameras: one of my own as A-camera and the Panasonic loaner Z10000 for some B-camera shots. I got both cameras set up and had my assistant roll the A-camera. It didn't roll. I shot the entire event with the Z10000 in 2D. A little color correction in Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Lite and the organization was thrilled. And I was really impressed with what it delivered.

Small LED Light Panel Showdown | Dave Dugdale | Learning DSLR Video
A comparison of a  Lite Panel MicroPro LED Light panel vs. a budget Konova Ledgo CN-B150. The Konova wins as much because the Lite Panels isn't a very well engineered product:
The Lite Panel fails again on it circuitry design, when each battery falls below 1.2 volts the panel starts to flicker. The Konova does not do this at all when when it drops below this voltage. I thought Lite Panels were the leader for all this LED technology, why is this thing so poorly designed?

Tech Demo: Windows 7 64 bit, MacBook Air,Thunderbolt, and Premiere Pro
| Dave Helmly | YouTube
Running Windows on a MacBook Air and testing out Thunderbolt to edit RED footage? Now that's extreme!
Here's a quick look at some Thunderbolt solutions I've been testing in my lab. In this video, you'll see an Apple MacBook Air 13" running Windows 7 64bit via Boot Camp with an activeThunderbolt port connected to Sonnet Chassis with a RED Rocket installed delivering full 4K playback on Ultra Lightweight notebook.

The Talk on the Street | Adobe TV
It's Sundance, and Adobe is there, putting together this little man-in-the-street video:
Despite snow fall, the crew explores the streets and venues to hear what people have to say around Park City, Utah

Using 3rd Party Filters in FCPX: Who Needs a Colorist Anymore? | 20k films
I saw this because Patrick Inhofer tweeted that it was; "A seriously non-sensical take on our industry," and while I agree that the article jumps to conclusions about color grading in FCPX, the basic premise - that software will make it easier for the average filmmaker and shooter to grade their own stuff - is basically correct. Computers won't be happy until they have put us all out of business.
Most recently, colorists were using the software, Color, Apple’s branded software, but now with FCPX, apparently all of the coloring you would need is built right into the program, so you don’t need Apple’s Color software (which came with FCP7 as part of a suite and was $1,000+ when it was new). Apparently, there is another color program called Da Vinci out that just made their software more affordable because Apple is discontinuing Color and will no longer release newer versions nor updates.

Demand for Video: The Good News and Bad News | Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer
Another post on a similar theme; why hire professionals when you can do an okay job yourself?
The bad news is that more and more of these organizations are doing it themselves. The aforementioned video by Chris goes into detail on how he lights his video blogs, how he captures audio (at least he recognizes the importance of good audio), etc. And as programs like FCPX become more powerful and more accessible to the average Joe, you can expect even more DIY videos to hit the market. That could mean less work for you…and me.

A Sony and a Canon Walk into a Bar... | Gabrielle Paciorek | Blog
A comparison of specs for the Sony PMW-F3 and Canon C300, with a few additional comments and observations:
But I think what this boils down to is that the F3 is a camera that needs an external recorder to get the best out of it, and boy, you can get a lot out of it. But the C300 is ready to go, with a better internal compression, codec, and gamma than that of the F3, but won't get much better with an external recorder.

The Cameras Are Arriving!
Band Pro’s First 25 F65 Cameras | Jon Fauer | Film & Digital Times
The Sony F65's are arriving!
Why is this man smiling? Sony F65 cameras have landed. Amnon Band (above) had his first twenty-five Sony F65 cameras delivered to Band Pro headquarters in Burbank.

@rulebostoncam | Twitter
Rule Boston Camera received their first shipment of Canon C300's:
First shipment of #C300 just rolled in the door at @rulebostoncam

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