Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Canon EOS C300 Price Drop Already? [CR1] | Canonrumors
When Canon announced the C300 they gave an approximate price of $20,000, though some reporters have said that it seemed like Canon hadn't really finalized the price. Canon still hasn't confirmed a price, but now there's reports that the price will be closer to $16,000, though there had been speculation that the street price would be about $16,000 when it was announced...

A hands on look at the Canon C300 | Philip Bloom | Blog
Philip Bloom got to spend some time with Canon reps discussing the C300 and reports:
Honestly the Scarlet and the C300 seem like two different cameras for two different markets to me. The Scarlet is aimed squarely at the lower budget narrative crowd (though not the micro budget as it still costs a lot) whereas the C300 feels to me like a great large sensor broadcast camera. The specs meet the minimum broadcast standard for the majority of big HD broadcasters. 422 50mb/s in camera which the F3 does not do (420 35mb/s)

The Canon C300: My Thoughts From The Euro Launch | Dan Chung
| DSLR News Shooter
Dan also was at the European launch of the camera, and offers his thoughts from the perspective of current affairs, factual and documentary shooters:
Canon have kept the body weight down and it’s not much heavier than a pro DSLR body like the EOS-1D X. For me this is critically important – it means I can use the camera in the way I did the 5D mkII before it – as part of my one man band backpack shoot kit. Pretty much all my support and stabilization gear was bought to work with DSLR and Sony EX1 cameras. With the C300 I would be fine using my existing tripod, Pocketdolly, Steadicam, Jib arm, car suction mounts, Shoulder rig etc… (assuming I use stills lenses not the heavier Cine ones).

Steven Spielberg on Digital Editing | Steven Awalt | Facebook
A short interview with Steven Spielberg, who used Avid for his two latest films, but prefers editing film:
Spielberg: We cut fast, but it takes a while to splice and to tape, and I get a chance to walk around and think. The whole new technology is sort of making me think a little quicker on my feet. I think much faster on my feet as a director on a film set than I do in an editing room, because I really prefer the downtime when Mike is out what we can "schneiding," which is cutting the stuff together that we already have agreed on the order of scenes and takes and choices, that I'll just take a walk around the lot.

Todd Solondz talks film school...and Charlie's Angels | Wendy Mitchell
| ScreenDaily
Solondz talked about his career and other things at the American Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland:
Solondz also spoke about film school, both as a former attendee and as a current teacher at NYU. “Film school is a wonderful place for teachers, you need to find a way to earn a living and it provides you with security and benefits. For the students its questionable — For some people it can be very good. I love teaching, I have a good time. I look at the young students with so much ambition and my heart goes out to them. I’m so glad I’m not young anymore.”

Cameraman tales: Claude Meskens – out of focus | Terry Gallacher | Blog
Fascinating short piece out-of-focus footage, and how an obvious problem was overlooked:
I told Claude that nobody had consulted me on the subject back in London. I then said to him “Have you focussed the eyepiece”. He said “What do you mean”. I said “The eyepiece can be adjusted to suit your eyes so that, if you wore glasses, you would not need to wear them while using the camera”.

iPhone 4S | Jeremy Stamas | Camcorderinfo
An actual review of the video performance of the iPhone 4S:
Based on our variety of tests, as well as real-life shooting experiments, we feel the Apple iPhone 4S is better than most (if not all) of the budget ultracompact camcorders on the market. The iPhone 4S is the first phone from Apple to include a Full HD 1080p record mode, and the addition of that mode helped make the 4S capable of recording very sharp imagery. Video captured by the phone weren’t as sharp as some of the camcorders we compared it to, but the phone’s videos looked very good nonetheless.

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