Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Red Scarlet, Canon C300, and the Paradox of Choice | Stu Maschwitz | Prolost
A very long, thoughtful post that looks at not just the Scarlet and C300, but the Sony PMW-F3, NEX-FS100, Panasonic AG-AF100 and DSLRs as well. It may be better described as a Super35 roundup:
But perhaps the most shocking capability of the C300 is its latitude. It’s here that the comparison with the Alexa is most surprisingly appropriate. The C300 simply has a jaw-dropping ability to hold shadow and highlight detail in the same frame. Check out this frame from Mobius, shot in near-noontime sun, with only natural light.

Den Lennie Reviews the Cineroid LED | Den & James | Vimeo
A video review of the LED light.
The output is super bright and has a CRI of over 90 making it very colour stable and consistent. It has a built in fan also to keep the heat-sink cool and further maintain colour accuracy. You have the option to switch the fan to off/on or auto if you are recording sync sound and want to lose the fan sound although it's barely noticeable.

An Open Letter To Adobe Systems | Scott Kelby | Blog
Scott is President of The National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and he's not too happy about Adobe's planned change to their upgrade policy:
While I understand that Adobe needs to make business decisions based on how it sees market conditions, I feel the timing of this new pricing structure is patently unfair to your customers (and our members). Here’s why: You didn’t tell us up front. You didn’t tell us until nearly the end of the product’s life cycle, and now you’re making us buy CS5.5 for just a few months on the chance that we might want to buy CS6 at a discount when it’s released. Otherwise, we have to pay the full price as if we were never Adobe customers at all.

After Effects Apprentice Free Video: Creating 3D Objects using Adobe Repoussé
| Chris and Trish Meyer | ProVideoColation
A tutorial that shows you how to create the illusion of 3D:
3D in After Effects is really what’s know as “2.5D” - the layers have no actual thickness or depth. If you want the illusion of extrusion, volume, and depth, you will need to create those objects in a dedicated 3D program, a special plug-in, or - if you have access to the Production Premium or Master Collection suites from Adobe - inside Photoshop Extended to later import into After Effects.

Top Five Media Composer 6 Features | Bryant Frazer | Studio Daily
Five reasons to upgrade to Avid Media Composer 6:
Native support for AVCHD and RED Epic
Media Composer expands AMA support to handle bleeding-edge RED Epic files as well as the highly compressed AVCHD footage output by many consumer and “prosumer” cameras.

RC Helicopter Cinematography - A look behind the scenes | YouTube
A narrated slide show (with some video) that shows the preparation - and gear used - for RC helicopter shots:

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