Sunday, November 20, 2011

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To buy a Scarlet or not to buy, that is the question… | Philip Bloom | Blog
Philip offers his thoughts on the Scarlet:
First off, and this is the biggie. Buying a Scarlet is NOT going to make you a better filmmaker. It is NOT going to make your camerawork any better. It WILL cost you more than many of you think financially. So I just want to put down the facts on paper so you can make a better informed choice and also my opinions…less important than facts but may be worth listening to! These facts are gathered from my own experience as a RED Epic owner for the past 5 months…

Here’s how to make a fantastic, professional music video for under £50 ($80)
| Mike S | WireFresh
An intriguing story of how a music video was shot for practically no money by someone without any formal video background:
We were intrigued enough to write to them to ask them how it was done, and were amazed by what they told us: the whole thing was done on a budget of less than £50 and filmed and produced entirely by the singer, Mark West – who has had no training as a cameraman or photographer.

From Still to Motion - The Business Manifesto | Richard Harrington | Scribd
Richard's thoughts on success in the video business presented in an electronic book:
You are about to read the twelve most important things I've learned about the business of video production. These are my opinions, but are formed from my lifelong career as a journalist, storyteller, and business owner.

Lens Bracelet | Adam Elmakias
Bracelet's that look like lens rings!
In early 2010, Adam Elmakias created his first set of Lens Bracelet™ bracelets to be used as a promotional tool for his photography. Starting off with a single design, based on the 50mm, Elmakias began sharing the bracelets with friends, photographers and fans, giving away nearly 250 bracelets as he toured throughout the US and Canada.

Quick Look: Canon EOS C300 LSS 1080p Camcorder | Adam Wilt
| ProVideoColation
An older post I think I missed, with some great pictures of the C300, including comparisons to other Canon cameras.
The C300 has a Canon EF lens mount with electronic iris control and full lens data reporting in the viewfinder, but no autoexposure or autofocus. The C300 PL has an Arri PL mount (pretty much the standard for cine lenses), with no electronic connection for Cooke or Arri lens data. Lens mounts are not interchangeable; it’s one or the other.

Three companies, three different approaches to 64 bit | Philip Hodgetts | Blog
Philip looks at the different paths Adobe, Avid and Apple took to get to 64-bit applications:
Adobe relies on its own proprietary media engine. Avid relies on its proprietary media engine. Final Cut Pro X relies on AVFoundation, which only exists on OS X and iOS and is very, very new to code to0. (This was the likely reason that broadcast video out was delayed, because they had to wait for AVFoundation to be finished before BMD, AJA etc could even start work on drivers no longer based on QuickTime.)

Professional USB Controller for Canon HDSLR coming soon | HD Cam Team
The folks at HDCamTeam has been playing with a new USB controller for Canon DSLR's and have posted a few details:
  • Very nice set of features including: Start/Stop video recording, still image capturing, ISO/Aperture/Shutter speed adjustment
  • Extra Auto-start function, which allows you to record video passing the 4GB file size limit

News: Adobe changes upgrade policy for customers | Toolfarm
Adobe plans to get tough on those that don't upgrade regularly:
In order to qualify for upgrade pricing when CS6 releases, customers will need to be on the latest version of our software (either CS5 or CS5.5 editions). If our customers are not yet on those versions, we’re offering a 20% discount through December 31, 2011 which will qualify them for upgrade pricing when we release CS6."


Once again the Adobe Press eBook Deal of the Week is Adobe After Effects CS5 Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques by Mark Christiansen:

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