Saturday, August 13, 2011

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FS100, 5D MKII, & AF100 Depth of Field Comparison | Cinescopophilia
Magnanimous Media from Chicago have put together a DoF comparison for the Sony NEX-FS100, Panasonic AF100, and Canon 5D MKII using the same two lenses; a Canon 24-70mm and 70-200mm L-Series. As expected, the 5D has the shallowest DoF and the AF100 the widest.

3D Haters Beware: Peeking at a 3D Future with the JVC GS-TD1 Twin-lens Camcorder | Zack Lieberman | NoFilmSchool
Zack is aware that there are a lot of 3D haters out there, and seems to spend half of this article alternately saying that's okay to be that way, but 3D is real cool. Either way, he got to spend some time with the 3D JVC GS-TD1 camcorder [B & H $1,699], and really liked it. He's also at work on his feature film debut, which will be shot in 3D.
Shooting 3D takes some getting used to; while I’m steadily learning, I definitely wouldn’t call myself truly skilled. That said, the camera makes it as easy as possible and has great automatic settings (and lots of “manual” settings to boot), and although I have some small quibbles (battery life, resolution on the glasses-free 3D screen is kinda whack, but definitely passable, as it’s in 3D — without glasses), this is a seriously cool little camera.

2012 Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship |
They are now accepting submissions for the 2012 Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship, awarded annually to honor the memory of editor Karen Schmeer [IMDB]. Eligibility requirements:
  • Applicant must be based in the United States and reside there throughout 2012.
  • Applicant must have edited at least one feature-length film (documentary or fiction), but no more than three feature-length films.
The fellowship includes mentorship with an ACE editor, festival and workshop passes, a $1000 equipment rental credit and a $1,000 cash award. The deadline to apply is September 30, 2011

Still Waiting for Mac Pro Updates, Suitable Intel Processors Due in Q4
| Arnold Kim | MacRumors
Speculation that updates to the Mac Pro line have been held up because there were no Mac Pro-suitable Sandy Bridge processors. That problem might be solved soon; of course, that's assuming Apple still thinks it needs to sell desktop Macs.

Amazing algorithms to enhance or transform images | Scriptol
A collection of links to articles and/or products that perform some amazing image restoration/manipulation techniques, including: Depixelizing images, Color a black and white image, Restore a picture or make a HDR, and Remove an object. Most of these are still image tools, but could be applied to video.

Leaked Sony Lens Adapter Has Mirror and Speed-Boosting AF Sensor
| Charlie Sorrel | Wired
This interesting box essentially adds an SLR mirror-box to an NEX (E-mount) camera, so think of it as turning an NEX-C3 into a DSLR... In theory it will also improve autofocus when using Sony Alpha mount camera.

Johnny Depp's 'The Lone Ranger' Shut Down By Disney | Matthew Belloni
| The Hollywood Reporter
Depp was supposed to play Tonto, but that may not happen now as the project has been halted due to budgetary concerns, not creative differences, according to sources. Except that the article then goes on to say that the studio and director couldn't agree on a budget, which sort of sounds like creative differences to me!
One concern for the studio, according to an insider, is that even though Depp is the biggest star in the world, the project is a western, and the genre is having some dark days, particularly in light of the recent poor showing of Cowboys & Aliens.

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