Friday, August 12, 2011

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Upgrading to After Effects CS5.5? | Chris and Trish Meyer | ProVideoCoalition
A collection of resources that explain what’s changed in the latest release.

Is This a Video of the Sony A77 Camera in Action | Cinescopophilia
The Sony A77 is expected to be announced in a couple of weeks, and some are speculating that this video features the new camera.

Personally, I wouldn't put a camera in the sand like that, no matter how water and dirt proof it is!

After Hollywood: the rise of the international box office | Phil Hoad
| The Guardian
A look back at 2004 when Hollywood's supremacy faltered:
As the studios shut their specialty arthouse divisions in the second half of the decade, they were setting up international arms to produce local-language hits in individual countries: Warner, an early overseas player, was making 40 films a year for these markets by 2009. The double-front offensive seemed to be working: last year, American films still took nearly 60% of international box-office.

ALEXA’s Anamorphic De-Squeeze Explained | Ian McCausland | CineTechnica
A paid firmware update that unsqueezes video shot with an anamorphic lens.
The Anamorphic De-squeeze includes four modes for monitoring: De-squeeze off, De-squeeze 2.0x, De-squeeze 2.0x & magnify, and De-squeeze 1.3x.

Coming Tech & More [CR2] | CanonRumors
Interesting rumors about upcoming Canon DSLRs, suggesting a "massive jump in dynamic range" and 4:2:2 video (now RAW).

If they move to 4:2:2, I wonder if they will switch to the MPEG2 codec at 50 Mbps like that used in Canon's professional camcorder line (i.e. the XF100.) This would seem to make sense, even though someone recently told me that the video division of Canon and the DSLR division don't talk to each other!

Canon Rebel T3 DSLR Camera Review | Jeremy Stamas | Camcorderinfo
A review of the video capabilities of the Canon Rebel T3 [B & H $549]
The biggest disappointment we had with the Canon T3’s video mode was the camera’s lack of essential manual controls when shooting video. Unlike it’s more expensive sibling, the Canon T3i, the T3 does not allow you to adjust aperture, shutter speed, or ISO in video mode, which doesn’t bode well for those who were hoping to use this reasonably-priced DSLR as a professional video recording device.

Birmingham riots: how Sangat TV is scooping the big networks | Josh Halliday
| The Guardian
Interesting article about the success of a small video operation reporting on the riots. These kind of events provide a great opportunity for small run and gun operations.
Sangat TV ( or Sky channel 847), a four-man operation in a makeshift newsroom in Edgbaston, Birmingham, has had a good riot. Its guerrilla journalism – mostly broadcast live using a handheld camera – has been rebroadcast by CNN, the BBC and media outlets in India.
Philip Johnston of HD Warrior offers some thoughts too: The “Minority Report” a lesson for us all!, which also prompted him to recall his start in Cable TV: The pitfalls of working in Cable TV
We are so used to watching polished, perfect television these days…Sangat gave us a raw no frills version of events even although they seem to take the words “live” beyond its true meaning they opened a door only seen many years ago when TV was first introduced and we were all in awe of its “liveness”.

  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre | TMDFilms | Vimeo
    Shot on the NEX-FS100 using a Nikon 17-35mm and a 80-200mm zoom.

  • Moon Harvest - FS100 Low Light Glory | Frank Glencairn | Vimeo
    Some pretty amazing low-light shots made handheld at 21 & 30 db with the kit lens.

  • Cinestar 6 air to air | Jeff Scholl | Vimeo
    Interesting aerial sequences with two prototype Cinestars with Panasonic GH2's and a Sony NEX-FS100. This is footage of the small flying craft in action as much as examples of footage from them. Pity they start at $4,500!

  • Livin Proof July | WeAreHQ TV | Vimeo
    Shot with a Sony 50mm f1.4 and Minolta 16mm Fisheye at 30db GAIN. I like this comment "The club was so dark I needed the camera to see where my friends were."

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