Tuesday, August 09, 2011

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Video Review: SONY HX9V – almost the ultimate run and gun cam
| Johnnie Behiri | Vimeo/Cinema5D
Lots of people have said good things about the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V[$349] a little point-and-shoot camera that produces surprisingly good video. This review covers just the camera's video shooting capabilities and judges that, used in the right way, it will produce results that rival a real video camera. Unfortunately, there's little manual control.
Interestingly, he demonstrates using the camera with a Zacuto Z-Finder.
Note: 50p setting is for Europe. Set it to 60p in the US.

Streamlining Color Correction in Premiere Pro | Jeff Sengstack | ProVideoCoalition
An introduction to color correction in Premiere Pro:
In this tutorial I show you how to do all of your so-called primary color correction work using only one video effect and two scopes. Primary color correction changes the tonality and color of an entire clip. You use secondary color correction techniques to change tonality and color in areas within a clip’s frame.

Sony NEX C3 vs Oly E-P3 vs Panny GF3 - Manual Focus Face-Off!
| DigitalRevTv | YouTube
While this video seems to set out to show which of these three mirror-less cameras has the quickest focus capabilities, it really ends up spending much of it's time on the Sony NEX-C3 [$649.99], and it's peaking feature for helping to get focus. Verdict; it works really well.
Note that DigitalRevTV did an earlier review of the NEX-C3 that wasn't quite as enthusiastic.

I think there are 45 art directors on this shoot. 2 hours in and we're probably a week behind schedule.

3 Ways To Reject Rejection | Elliot Grove | Raindance
Everyone has to deal with rejection, here's some tips on handling it:
1. Don't take it personally
...every moment I spend taking rejection personally means I can't move on - and I might end up feeling sorry for myself. When that happens no doctor in the world can cure you.

Top 20 Tips for Creating A Successful Demo Reel | Danny Greer
If you're putting together a reel, read this!
These days it seems that many folks in production have multiple skill sets. When applying for a position, ensure that your demo reel is targeted specifically to an individual skill or job function (i.e. Director, Editor, Director of Photography, Animator, Gaffer).

Lion Recovery Disk Assistant | Support | Apple
Apple posts information about Lion Recovery:
The Lion Recovery Disk Assistant lets you create Lion Recovery on an external drive that has all of the same capabilities as the built-in Lion Recovery: reinstall Lion, repair the disk using Disk Utility, restore from a Time Machine backup, or browse the web with Safari.

Online New England Film Festival |
The 2011 Online New England Film Festival will launch on September 1, 2011 and they have posted a list of films that will be shown. You can also read a sneak preview of the upcoming festival in's August issue.

The Hidden Cost of RED Epic and Digital Cinema | Evan Luzi | The Black & Blue
As data rates go up, the amount of data that needs to be copied, backed up and manipulated, keeps going up:
What many are underestimating, or don’t realize, is that Epic is going to balloon the amount of data productions will move by double, possibly even more.
This is directly the effect of an increase in resolution and the lowering of compression.
Estimates are showing that, “At 5k 2:1 and REDcode 5:1 (which will likely be what most features shoot with), a 64GB SSD will be about 12-13 minutes,” said Deanan Dasilva from RED.

New Phantom v1610 Is 60 Percent Faster than Any Other Digital High-Speed Camera in Its Class | Vision Research
The Phantom is already known for it's high frame-rate capabilities, and now Vision Research announces a model that can capture up to 16,000 frames per second at full resolution and 1,000,000 fps at reduced resolution.

Z-Finder EVF Video Series - Part 11: Scaling Options | Zactuo
Zacuto has been posting a series of videos about the capabilities of their new EVF. The latest video is a brief explanation of the EVFs camera preset function as well as a short walkthrough featuring the device's automatic and manual scaling abilities.

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