Friday, July 15, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 15


International Price Changes
In recognition of changing exchange rates, Apple has adjusted the price of some of their software in the Mac App store. This means that in the UK, the price of Final Cut Pro X has gone up, while it Australia, there price has gone down.

Save $100 on the Matrox Compress HD card | Matrox
Until September 30, 2011, when you buy Compressor 4, you can save $100 on the Matrox Compress HD card, bringing the cost to $395.[Info at bottom of the page]


How to Make Final Cut Pro X More Like Final Cut Pro 7 | J.R. Bookwalter | MacLife
Making the timline look and feel more familiar, displaying audio meters, managing media, and other tips.

Launching Final Cut 7 with FCPX Installed | geniusDV
Explains problems Final Cut Pro 7 might have after installing FCPX and Motion 5.


A free fifteen part course on color grading within FCPX | T Payton |
An impressive collection of instruction on color correcting within Final Cut Pro X.

FCP X Audio Tutorial Part 4: Enhancing Audio Using Final Cut Pro Equalization and Analysis Tools | Danny Greer |
Looks at audio enhancement, including the graphic equalizer and analyzation tools


FCPX: Hardware changes - PART Two | Gary Adcock | CreativeCOW
Looks at the hardware requirements of Final Cut Pro X.

Using Matrox MXO2 devices with FCP X and Compressor 4 | Matrox
Explains functionality, and notes that exporting to H.264 files from Compressor 4 using Matrox MAX-enabled MXO2 devices remains up to 5 times faster than software alone.


After Final Cut Pro debacle, does Apple still care about creative pros? | Dave Girard | Ars Technica
Dave sums up what many people believe; Apple is going after a larger market than the pro one.

Thoughts On: The Future of Final Cut Pro | Dylan Reeve | Edit Geek
Though it may be possible to add third-party tools to improve the functionality for film & TV post-production, Dylan concludes that "it seems unlikely that the application will ever again be as applicable to that world as its predecessor."

Where Did Apple Go Wrong? | John Kostrzewski | FUEL
Considers all the problems facing pro users "The bottom line is if a tool doesn’t allow me to do my job properly or easier, then I’m not going to buy it."

Is Final Cut Pro X Ready for Professional Use? | Troy Dreier | OnlineVideo
Goes through First Impressions, Interface, Missing Features and New Features, listing Pros and Cons for each.

Another Professional Fool’s Review: FCPX - PART 1 | simplydg | Odd-yssey
More a review than an opinion piece, covering many of the new features; "I feel as if someone has released my creative shackles when using it, and I really do love editing with the Skimmer, Magnetic Timeline, and slew of keyboard shortcuts."

Creativity and The Final Cut Pro X Debacle | David Intrator | The Creative Organization
David looks at the development of Final Cut Pro X, not just as a movement towards the masses, but also towards software tools that encourage "pre-formatted" creativity.


My Life in FCP | Rob Tinworth | Vimeo
Rob looks back at the last 10 years of Final Cut Pro editing.

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