Thursday, November 04, 2010

News from Here & There

Steve Jobs on Final Cut
Another quick email from Steve Jobs in response to a question posed about the future "64-bit" version of Final Cut:
Stay tuned and buckle up
I think they inferred the 64-bit part...
9to5Mac: Steve Jobs says buckle up for 64-bit Final Cut Studio

Discount on Zacuto Fast Draw
There's a $125 discount on the Zacuto Fast Draw rig through 12/31/2010, bringing it down to $1,414.95
B & H: Zacuto Fast Draw [$1,414.95]

Filming Astro Timelapses
Tyle Ginter spent some time with Tom Lowe and Dustin Kukuk doing some timelapse shooting, and he's posted his notes: Filming Astro Time Lapse with Tom Lowe

Red Rock Micro EVF Wireless
Jared Abrams at Cinema5D has a video with Brian Valente from Redrock Micro showing their upcoming EVF and Wireless Follow Focus. Shipping of the follow-focus was delayed due to work they had to do for motor support (and they were reportedly trying to develop their own inexpensive motors, though that wasn't explicitly mentioned.) Still no dates announced, and Brian notes that they didn't make their summer date. He says a date will be announced "shortly" and it should be available early next year. Sometime.
Vimeo: Cinema 5D Createasphere 2010 Redrock Micro EVF Wireless Follow Focus

Panasonic AG-AF100
Jared also posted a short video (for his other site, WideOpenCamera) with Jan Crittenden from Panasonic talking about the AG-AF100 and how she doesn't like to use the term "DSLR-killer" because at $5,000 it's not going to complete with $2,500 DSLRs.
Vimeo: Panasonic WOC

Zeiss Compact Primes
If you're using a DLSR for Cinematography, maybe you should consider the Zeiss Compact Prime Lenses. Designed for cinematography, they are calibrated in T-Stops and have a long throw on the focus barrel, making it easier to pull-focus. On the downside, they are large, heavy and very very expensive. Chris Campat at The Phoblographer posts his first impressions of the lens.
ThePhoblographer: Hands On: Zeiss 85mm Compact Prime
Photoletariat: F-Stops Vs. T-Stops Explained
B & H: Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 85mm/T2.1 Cine Lens (EF Mount) [$3,900.00]

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